Watch Luis Suarez Create Barcelona’s Second Goal Without Touching The Ball

Lionel Messi scored the opener before Chelsea really touched the ball. Luis Suarez created Barcelona's second without touching the ball. Ousmane Dembele put Barcelona up 2-0 in the 20th minute on Wednesday, putting the Blaugrana up 3-1 on aggregate in their Champions League Round of 16 tie, and Suarez deserves much of the credit. 

Watch Claudio Pizarro Score A Bundesliga Goal In Every Year That You’ve Been Alive

Claudio Pizarro has been around a long time. When he scored his first Bundesliga goal, we mere mortals were worrying about Y2K, the legality of Napster and whether or not we fed our Tamagotchi. With his goal for Cologne against Stuttgart on Sunday, the Peruvian striker scored for the 20th consecutive calendar year in the Bundesliga.

Danny Welbeck Hits One So Poorly That He Almost Snaps His Own Foot In Half

Danny Welbeck is part of the pantheon of great English forwards who do not score goals. That’d seem to be a terrible oxymoron, but you forget that supporters love a grafter. If you had to rely on one striker to effectively man-mark a center back out of a match, it’d be Danny Welbeck.

I don’t know why you’d ever employ that tactic, but that’s the highest praise I can bestow on Welbeck. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Scores Goal His Dad Only Wishes He Could Score

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is already looking like a better player than dear old dad. This impressive bicycle kick is proof.

Ronaldo’s son was messing around on the Bernabeu pitch with Marcelo’s son when Real Madrid midfielder Lucas Vazquez lobbed a ball into the box for the two boys. Ronaldo Jr. measured his leap and flung his boot around at the ball for a perfectly executed bicycle kick goal.