Los Angeles FC And Minnesota United Make Enormous Strides In New Stadium Plans, Set To Join MLS

Both Minnesota United and Los Angeles FC are poised to make massive announcements over the coming days regarding their potential new stadiums and their standing with regards to joining MLS.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the St. Paul City Council had approved site plans for Minnesota’s new $150 million, 20,000-seat soccer specific stadium in the state’s capital. 

How To Get Tickets To Premier League Games In London: An Inside Guide

Your flight to Heathrow is arranged. You have packed a primary umbrella, a backup umbrella and an emergency umbrella. You have your Oyster card ready to use on the Tube. Plans have been made to visit a proper chipper (fish and chip shop). I highly recommend Golden Union near Liberty of London. Fantastic! A trip to the British Museum is on the agenda. As are many visits to pubs.

The Worst Seat In The Prem (And Other Terrible Seats)

Imagine traveling from London to catch your precious Arsenal squad take on Liverpool at Anfield, and when you get to your seat, you realize that you actually don’t have a seat. 

That's what happened to James Vella, a loyal Arsenal fan who took to social media to express his frustrations after he spent £52 on half a seat with no leg room and limited viewing of the pitch. Here is his tweet:

The World's Top 10 Stadiums

As we approach the finals for Europa League, FA Cup, Champions League and the World Cup, one thing that is certain is the stages that these games will be played on are grand. That got us here at The18 thinking, what are the best stadiums in the world for footy fans to catch a game? The criteria we decided on are atmosphere, visual appeal and tradition. Here we go. (Sorry in advance if your favorite didn’t make it!