Everton’s New Stadium Draws Inspiration From Dortmund, Avoids All Things West Ham

Everton supporters were given their first glimpse at the proposed new stadium at Bramley-Moore on Monday, and the images provided by architect Dan Meis clearly draw inspiration from Borussia Dortmund’s legendary “Yellow Wall” (a safe standing, steeply curved supporters’ section in the home end that’ll hold between 12,000-15,000 fans), while also consistently comparing the dimensions of the new Everton stadium with t

13 Epic Stadium Moments And Chants That’ll Blow You Away

Step into the coliseum of humankind’s definitive sport, where the gladiators are not always the players but the awesome fans as well. Whether you’re rooting for West Ham United, Barcelona or Juventus, it doesn’t take a Luciano Pavarotti to turn your ordinary stadium into an extraordinary opera house of fans roaring out their love.  

Here are The18’s most epic terrace moments. Feel free to chant along, just don’t wake up your neighbors.

The Most Amazing Soccer Crowd Chants

The 18 Worst Football Pitches We've Ever Seen

Anyone who’s played soccer has dealt with a bad pitch at one time or another, be it from bad weather or negligent grounds keeping. It’s expected at the youth level, but it can be shocking at the professional level as well – which is why we’ve compiled this list of the worst football pitches of all time. 

Stadium X Offers The Best Fan Experience In The World

During a recent editorial meeting, we here at The18 came to the distressing conclusion that there is no one stadium that provides the perfect fan experience. Being Americans and therefore experts on amusing the masses to the point of overload, we made up our own stadium that has all the amenities that come together to create the perfect fan experience. Welcome to Stadium X, where fans have a good and cool time thanks to the following things:

A Big Ol' Pool Bar

The 15 Most Expensive World Cup Stadiums Of The 21st Century

The dawning of the 21st century saw a massive shift with regards to FIFA World Cup stadia. For example, when West Germany hosted the 1974 World Cup, the majority of the matches were played in existing stadiums built for a variety of purposes. They all had running tracks and were built in the 30s and nobody cared.