South America

Arsenal Wins 1-1 Draw Between Germany And Chile

Arsene Wenger has done something special with his most recent Gunners team.

Despite missing out on the Champions League for the first time in his career, Wenger has managed to instill a sense of team unity that’s the envy of Europe.

Five minutes into the Confederations Cup group B match between Chile and Germany, two Arsenal players combined for the game’s opening goal.

Gunners defender Skhodran Mustafi passed to Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, who, after a one-two with Eduardo Vargas, fired home off the left post.

Brazil’s 2011 U-20 Team Had An Extremely Unfair Advantage

Golden generation. What does it mean? On the one hand, it can mean that you’ve got the likes of David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand all getting in each other's way while Steve McClaren holds an umbrella. 

On the other, you’ve got Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ze Roberto, Roberto Carlos, Cafu and Kaka providing jobs for millions of Nike employees around the world and teaching us all that ginga isn’t a tower game for gingers. 

Argentinian Footballer Admits To Poking Other Players With A Needle

Of all the dirty tricks in soccer, Argentinian defender Federico Allende, who plays for lower division Sport Club Pacifico, might have come up with the dirtiest.

From the BBC:

Allende gave Cordoba's Vorterix Radio an interview on Tuesday in which he said "you need to play dirty" to beat big clubs like Estudiantes de La Plata.

"I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle," said the Pacifico defender.

How Far Can Chile's Golden Generation Take Them?

History and Background 

Chile started playing football very early, with their football federation founded all the way back in 1885 — the second oldest in South America. However, they struggled to produce to a dangerous side for a long time. La Roja participated in the first World Cup held in 1930, but failed to advance past the group stage. Their best ever record in the tournament came in 1962 when they hosted it, coming in third. 

Thiago Messi And Benjamin Suarez Are Forming A Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine Like Their Fathers

It’s that time of year again, when football’s biggest stars trapeze around different Spainish isles, drop anchor off the coast of Ibiza and sleep on the streets of Tenerife. One of these days, The18 staff is going to invest in some large dolphin floaties and report live from the Mediterranean Sea while sipping on Skittles vodka, but today is not that day.

Falcao Back In Form Only Good Thing About Spain vs. Colombia Friendly

Spain and Colombia both scored goals in the first half that shouldn't have been let in. Falcao scored a great header in the 54th minute. After an incredible season, winning the French Ligue 1 with AS Monaco, Falcao's swagger and confidence are reminiscent of his Atletico Madrid days. 

The biggest takeaway from this game is that Radamel Falcao is a testament that 31 is the new 25. Don't hang up your boots anytime soon, Monaco is begging you. 

Watch This Referee Turn The Tables On A Player Who Tries To Fight Him

Soccer referees do not generally get the better of their opponents during fights. This can be chalked up to referees rarely fighting, preferring to try to calm a situation down even when sucked into a violent confrontation.

This referee in Argentina, though, is a bad ass mother who don't take nothing off of nobody. He red cards a player, who takes offense and starts swinging. The referee coolly ducks then squares up and hits back.

(the fight starts just after the 5:00 mark)

Argentinian Fourth Division Team Dresses As Superheroes Then Beats A First Division Side

Do you know what is better than a first division soccer team? A team of superheroes. Even if that team of superheroes is actually a fourth division soccer team dressed up like superheroes, superheroes always win.

Argentinian fourth division side Sacachispas know this, which is why they dressed as superheroes before their Copa Argentina match against first division club Arsenal de Sarandi.