SC Bastia Deserve To Be Relegated After Fans’ Racial Abuse Of Mario Balotelli

Following a blatant attack of racial abuse on Mario Balotelli during Nice’s match against Bastia last Friday, the Italian striker took to Instagram and said, “Is it normal that Bastia supporters make monkey noise [and] ‘uh uh’ for the whole game…?” Balotelli then criticized the French League’s disciplinary committee for failing to address the situation, summarizing the entire incident as “a real shame.”

The Craziest Soccer Hairstyles Of All Time

The best thing about hair is that it grows back. So why not try out a crazy new hairstyle and attempt to start a trend? Take a look at the soccer players who decided to spice up their look with a one of a kind hairdo.

Udinese Captain Danilo Injured Three Teammates At Practice

If you played any sport while you were young, you most likely heard the speech that you need to practice hard in order to play well when it counts. 

Well, apparently Udinese’s captain Danilo Larangeira took that message a little bit too seriously.The central defender has reportedly injured three of his teammates during a practice session. 

Mario Balotelli Threatens To Pilot A Helicopter Over Nice If They Win Ligue 1

Mario Balotelli has threatened to do the unthinkable if his new team, Nice, win France's Ligue 1: fly a helicopter over the city.

Nice are first in the French league right now, due in part to Balotelli's return to goal-scoring form. Balotelli isn't just content with scoring goals and winning, though. He wants to plunge the world into chaos.

Here's the quote, from Mediaset (bolding ours):