Udinese Captain Danilo Injured Three Teammates At Practice

If you played any sport while you were young, you most likely heard the speech that you need to practice hard in order to play well when it counts. 

Well, apparently Udinese’s captain Danilo Larangeira took that message a little bit too seriously.The central defender has reportedly injured three of his teammates during a practice session. 

Mario Balotelli Threatens To Pilot A Helicopter Over Nice If They Win Ligue 1

Mario Balotelli has threatened to do the unthinkable if his new team, Nice, win France's Ligue 1: fly a helicopter over the city.

Nice are first in the French league right now, due in part to Balotelli's return to goal-scoring form. Balotelli isn't just content with scoring goals and winning, though. He wants to plunge the world into chaos.

Here's the quote, from Mediaset (bolding ours):

10 Awful Things Fans Yell At Referees

If you are a referee then you probably have to deal with a lot of angry, crazy, annoying, loud fans. It’s quite the skill to be able to ignore the never-ending noise and focus on the game. We are all guilty of yelling at a referee at some point in our lives; whether it was from the stands, at the TV or on the field. Here’s a list of the top, most common insults fans yell at referees. But, in the end, the referees have the most power allowing them to make any call or throw anyone out. Scream as much as you want, they aren’t listening.

Thomas Muller Is Beefing With The Entire Nation Of San Marino

Thomas Muller’s incredible return of 32 goals from 49 matches in all competitions for Bayern Munich last season had many prognosticators envisioning a brilliant Euro 2016 campaign for the German attacker. However, Muller’s inability to score and poor form throughout Germany’s six matches made him one of the tournament’s biggest disappointments.

While Muller has scored braces against Norway and the Czech Republic in World Cup qualifying, he hasn’t yet managed a goal in the Bundesliga, a drought that’s now surpassed over 500 minutes of football.

The Most Ridiculous Goal Celebrations Ever

It's normal to high five your teammates or jump for joy after scoring a goal — everyone has their own way of celebrating. These players took their celebrations to the next level and were quickly penalized for their actions. 

The 9 Worst Sore Losers In Soccer

Sore Loser: Someone who loses in a fair competition, but then continues to whine, complain and blame everyone around them for their loss, everyone besides themselves. 

The Three Most Bizarre League Structures In World Football

Football has evolved over the last few decades with domestic leagues around the world gaining more prominence — as well as trying to set themselves apart by being completely original or unconventional.

Every country around the world is always trying to find new and innovative ways to make their national league unique, whether that means changing the rules from year to year or giving in to fan demands. Regardless of the reason, there's a growing list of competitions from Asia to North America that constantly leave people wondering just how you win the league.

10 Times Players Absolutely Lost It While Dealing With Ball Boys

It’s supposed to be pretty straightforward — the ball goes out of play, your job is to return it to play as soon as possible. Your reward? A front-row ticket to watch your heroes up close and personal. You might even be credited with an assist for your actions.