Watch This Chivas Defender’s Absolutely Ridiculous Goal Line Save

Last night’s match between Chivas U-20s and MLS Homegrowns was a stage for young players to strut their stuff. This Chivas defender certainly understood that. Watch him lay it all out in style with an incredible scorpion goal line save. 

| The scorpion clearance from a Chivas u20 defender v the MLS homegrown team.

— Footy Scouted (@FootyScouted) August 2, 2017

Lazio Say ’Scusi, Promptly Trounce Auronzo 16-0 in Preseason Friendly

If you’re having a bad day, just remember that at least you’re not the goalkeeper for Italian minnow Auronzo di Cadore.

The big, bad boys from the Serie A came to the little commune of just 3,671 in Italy’s Belluno region today. And Lazio did just what you might expect they might do against a tiny side like Auronzo. They won handily. 16-0. Not a very nail-biting performance.

10 Unique Set Pieces You're Gonna Want to Try This Season

These routines are high risk, high reward. You might get yelled at by your team, the other team or your coach. You might get a booking. They could just flat out not work and you look absolutely ridiculous. Alternate reality: you’re a mastermind and an innovator whose creative genius finessed the win for your team, on-lookers are in awe as they bear witness to the unexpected and its impeccable execution, the play lands on Sportscenter Top 10!

Here are a few routines to start practicing on the training ground.