The 10 Most Shocking Moments In Soccer History, Ranked

For over a century now, soccer has cultivated much of our pride and joy. The beautiful game, along with music, peanut butter and Netflix, is humanity’s pride and joy. However, with all the cheers and smiles, soccer comes with a dark side and over here, rainbows and sunshine are replaced with shame and disgrace. How far into the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Take the red pill and enjoy The18’s list of the most disgraceful soccer moments . . . just remember, you might not like what you find.

The 10 Most Shocking Moments In Soccer History

Floyd Mayweather Talks Newcastle Takeover And Luring Cristiano Ronaldo To Tyneside

In an absurd twist of events with zero foundation in practicality, Floyd Mayweather was recently asked by British tabloid the Sunday Daily Star whether he’d ever consider investing in an English football club, and, given the fact that Mike Ashley publicly put Newcastle United up for sale last year, what about the Tyneside-based team in particular?

Marco Verratti Claims Lionel Messi Is Above The Law When Complaining For Fouls And Bookings

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti has issued an apology for his sending off against Real Madrid in the Champions League, but the Italian international isn’t entirely repentant for his actions — he’s convinced German referee Felix Brych wouldn’t have shown a second yellow card to someone like Lionel Messi in the same situation. 

With PSG trailing Real 4-1 on aggregate in the 66th minute, Verratti won possession back for his side outside the opponent’s box. However, with three Real players quickly surrounding him, Verratti lost the ball while screaming for a foul. 

The 15 Most Expensive World Cup Stadiums Of The 21st Century

The dawning of the 21st century saw a massive shift with regards to FIFA World Cup stadia. For example, when West Germany hosted the 1974 World Cup, the majority of the matches were played in existing stadiums built for a variety of purposes. They all had running tracks and were built in the 30s and nobody cared. 

A Shocked Serie A Mourns The Death Of Fiorentina's Captain

The death of Davide Astori was announced on the morning of March 4. The club captain of Fiorentina, he had been expecting to take part in a run-of-the-mill away game against Udinese. Instead, every match in Serie A was postponed in the wake of the news. 

The night before, Astori had been playing videogames with the Fiorentina goalkeeper, Marco Sportiello. The next day, as the players sat down to breakfast, his absence was noted. According to coaches, the center back was typically one of the first to rise on a match day. 

10 Clubs Playing In Leagues That Seemingly Defy Geographical Or Political Common Sense

Football is the world’s game. But the world, unlike football, doesn’t have straightforward rules. For this reason, there are countless soccer clubs around the world competing in leagues that geographically or politically don’t make much sense at first glance. 

These are the weirdest football clubs in terms of the leagues in which they play.