18-Year-Old Ronaldinho Proves That Everyone Else At That Age Ain’t Sh*t

Just like you and me, Ronaldinho was born and raised somewhere. But that’s where the similarities end.

There’s no explaining how, from the point of birth until turning 18, our paths and Ronaldinho’s diverged so enormously. While we were just starting to recognize our weaker foot, Ronaldinho was terrorizing the Brasileirao with Gremio and ending the career of Brazilian World Cup-winning captain Dunga.

Roberto Firmino's Insane Celebration Against Hoffenheim Was Inspired By Ronaldinho

Roberto Firmino is one of the best celebrators in Europe. Not only does he have the most bookings for excessive celebration (seven) since 2012/2013, Firmino puts his creativity to good use when thinking up celebrations.

Check out this gem from Liverpool's win against Hoffenheim Tuesday:

Ronaldinho’s Handpicked Street Football Team Will Destroy Any Competition

Like most things in Ronaldinho’s post-playing career, his handpicked Globe Street Team is a little confusing but extremely entertaining. It’s unclear why Ronaldinho has assembled four legends of street football into a team. The only information we’re provided with is a challenge directed to anybody and everybody out there. They want you to line up to get nutmegged. 

Thanks To Ronaldinho, You Can Now Joga Bonito With Your Fidget Spinners

If you thought fidget spinners were only for hyperactive tweens and squirmy corporate adults, then think again.

The most annoying and amusing toy in the world just received the stamp of approval from Ronaldinho. The Brazilian legend recently released his own line of fidget spinners, available in silver, gold and black. The stylish gadget’s piéce de résistance is the emblazoned “Ronaldinho” signature.

Ronaldinho Displays God-Like Link-Up Play During Friendly In Honduras

He came, he saw, he conquered (in the name of global peace). Ronaldinho partook in a friendly match for peace in Honduras on Sunday, and the 37-year-old played a remarkable role in the buildup to one of his side’s goals. While his ability to get up and down the pitch is gone, his preposterous touch and sense of invention remains world-class.

It was a peaceful, all-conquering trip to Central America for the Great ‘Dinho, expect for when one crazy stole his classic over-sized beanie.