Ronaldinho's La Liga Highlights Remind You How Face-Meltingly Good He Was

When he was in his prime, there were few sights as fun to watch as Ronaldinho with a soccer ball at his feet. He combined dazzling skill with unpredictability and pure joy to form something that was basically the platonic ideal of what a footballer could be. He was flawed, sure, but even his flaws were fun.

Ronaldinho is officially retired now, and to commemorate the occasion La Liga posted a video showing some of Ronaldinho's highlights from his time in Spain. Good God, that man could play soccer.

Ronaldinho Has Officially Retired From Professional Football Forever, For Now

This is the end of an era. Ronaldinho, the last remaining active player not named Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to have won the Ballon d'Or, one of the most joyous and fun footballers of all time, has officially hung up his cleats.

Dinho hasn't actually played competitive football since 2015, but his retirement rules out any chance of a return. Unless, of course, he returns.

Ronaldinho's Classic Nike Boots Get A Beautiful Facelift For 2018

‘Member the 2009 Nike Ronaldinho Dois boots? They were boss. They had the little cushions, making your control entirely like that of Ronaldinho's. They had the little multicolor seams, signifying that while you came to ball, you also liked to drink your fair share of caipirinhas on the weekend. With those boots, you transformed into a party animal, both on and off the pitch.

Watch Ronaldinho Score From Behind The Halfway Line In A Charity Match

It's nice to know that at any moment Ronaldinho could be out there, somewhere, doing something outrageous in a charity match. It seems like he pops up every few weeks, does stomething outlandish then disappears into the ether, not to be seen or heard of until he pops up at another charity match to embarrass someone.

It's comforting, really.