Romelu Lukaku

Fantasy Premier League Tips Week 27

First and foremost comment with your FPL picks for this week and hopefully your team did a little better than Chelsea this past weekend. Fun fact for you: The Blues have lost back to back matches by 3+ goal margin for the first time since 1995. Antonio Conte on the hot seat? It looks like it. We know your FPL squad has some players on the hot seat, so here are 3 transfers you could make to replace them:

3 Mans To Transfer For

Gerard Deulofeu (Watford):

Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Romelu Lukaku Are Injured, So What Is Even The Point Of Manchester United?

All is not well with Manchester United. There are injuries afoot, and the injuries are happening to the most fun players.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was not in the squad against Southampton because his knee, which he injured catastrophically near the end of last season, has an issue. Lions do not heal like humans, it's true, but lions are also killed and eaten by other lions as soon as they become too slow and weak to defend themselves.

Romelu Lukaku Doesn’t Need Belgian Prime Minister To Avoid American Jail

Sports stars just get all the luck, don’t they? First the UCLA basketball players get bailed out of a Chinese jail after shoplifting, not Romelu Lukaku is avoiding jail time in another foreign country: the United States.

The Belgian striker will pay a $450 fine to avoid potentially six months in jail stemming from a series of noise complaints while staying in Beverly Hills over the summer.