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Bend It Like Ceni. This Goalkeeper Almost Scored More Free Kicks Than Beckham.

Sometimes we see freak cases where goalkeepers score goals, whether it be from a kick within the box that ends up in the opposite net or a last minute set piece. Rarely do you see a goalkeeper taking a free kick or a penalty kick. Even rarer do you see a keeper with over 100 goals. Because there’s only one. The man, the myth, the legend, Rogerio Ceni.

Meet The 24-Year-Old Celtic Midfielder Who's Been Compared To Sergio Busquets

At 24, Nir Bitton already stars for Glasgow giants Celtic in Scotland and for the Israeli national team. But his best is most certainly ahead of him. Despite recently signing a five-year contract extension to remain with Celtic through 2020, Bitton is reportedly drawing interest from a number of English Premier League clubs, including Sunderland. They will have to pay big for his services: Celtic have reportedly priced him at £10 million.

Andrés Guardado Is Never Finished. His Entire Career Proves it.

Andrés Guardado simply will not stop. He’s the epitome of hard work, strength of character and desire for all of the Americas. 

A born fighter, Guardado does not keep his battles solely on the field. He inspires others to work towards the betterment of themselves and the world around them.

He tackles the battle against breast cancer, pushing for global awareness and activisim, in the same way he'd fly into a tackle for El Tri.

Saying Goodbye To Raúl, The Forgotten Legend

As the sun sets on New York’s Hofstra Stadium, 11,000 fans will bear witness to a testimonial that deserves a global audience. Raúl González Blanco, after a career approaching 1,0000 professional appearances and 400 goals, will solemnly say goodbye to the game he left an indelible mark upon. 

The last remnants of sunlight streaking across the FieldTurf, Raúl will bid adieu from Long Island, somehow fading away into one of the most densely populated regions in the United States. 

Chucho Benitez Died A Club America Great. This Video Lets Us Remember How Good He Was.

Christian "Chucho" Benitez left us too soon. On July 13, 2013 he entered a hospital in Doha, Qatar with abdominal pains. He never left.

We will probably never know what happened in that hospital, and his cause of death has been disputed.

What is not in dispute is that Chucho Benitez was a great player. He played the game with a joy that is rarely seen, exuding an infectious energy all around the pitch. 

Yael Averbuch: Loving The Journey

Sometimes things just start with a friend. 

“My really good friend in school when I was about 7 started playing soccer, so I signed up, just to take part and really soon after just started to enjoy it.”

It’s a little frustrating to hear that a professional soccer player started playing the game so, well, randomly. Here is someone ostensibly living a dream, and it all started off with an “I guess I’ll do that.”

“If it had, by default, been an instrument or a different sport I think I kind of just would have gone with it.”

Five Reasons Why The 2015/16 Bundesliga Will Be The Best One Yet

Good news Bundesliga fans, the season opener between Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV is only one day away and the entire year is accessible to watch in America for the first time on FOX. We have compiled the top five reasons of why this 2015/16 Bundesliga season will be one of the most thrilling, exciting years filled with highs and lows, and plenty of glory.

1. Bayern Munich’s World-Class Signings 

Aubameyang Staying At Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund have announced the extension of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract with the club until 2020, according to the club's website. The Gabonese forward has been sought out by many European clubs, including Arsenal and Bayern Munich. His pace makes him an attractive player to many managers, but his talents will remain with Dortmund. 

Van Der Vaart’s Wasted Talent Shows Us How Unfair Life Can Be

Life is unfair, but no one needs to tell that to Rafael van der Vaart.

He should have been an amazing player, and by most accounts he was. The man had incredible passing ability, and a canny knowledge of how to attack. For some players those two traits were enough to earn them millions of dollars, the adoration of their team’s fans, and probably a trophy or two. This was not the case for van der Vaart.