Missouri Governor-Elect Says Public Funding For St. Louis MLS Stadium Is "Welfare For Millionaires"

The MLS recently announced the pricing for the next round of teams to enter the league. With plans to add four more teams in order to reach 28, cities across the US are racing for selection. Long considered a candidate for expansion, St. Louis fans will be frustrated to see comments from the new governor-elect that could push their city down the bid list. 

Coventry Fans Storm Pitch To Protest, Team Gives Up Last-Minute Goal After Restart

From 1967 until 2001, Coventry City were a staple in the English top-flight. The club from the West Midlands even won the FA Cup as recently as 1987, but they now find themselves in League One, England’s third tier of professional football. Compounding their state of decline is their current standing of 21st in the division, putting them at serious risk of being relegated to League Two.

How Is Massimo Cellino Still In Soccer?

Last week, Massimo Cellino took the bait, and was filmed advising fake businessmen how to circumvent third party rules and profit from illegal player sales. Thanks to his shortsightedness, he is now subject to yet another FA investigation, and now has four active cases under review by football authorities.

Watch as Cellino proposes selling 20 percent of Leeds to a fictitious investment firm to help share profit on future player sales: