Ronaldo’s Latest Underwear Line Is Sexy AF And Has Me Questioning My Sexuality

This week, the latest line of Cristiano Ronaldo underwear was unveiled to the world. You don’t need me to tell you this, but it’s sexy AF. 

Believe it or not, this is the ninth collection of CR7 Underwear released in the last six years by the Real Madrid star. So how does the Portuguese mahogany god keep selling tight underwear to football fans around the world? Turns out he’s a master salesman. As proof, let’s analyze this latest line of Cristiano Ronaldo underwear and the website hawking his wears. 

Why Colombia Must Not Be Allowed To Win The World Cup

For many, especially in South America, the World Cup is everything. Every four years football fans tune in with hopes of seeing their country lift the trophy. For some (Germany, Brazil), this is a legitimate expectation. For others (England, the U.S.), it’s a mere pipe dream. The Colombia World Cup hopes are somewhere in between, but I really hope Los Cafeteros aren’t the last ones standing in Russia come July. 

West Brom’s Brilliant Team Building: Eating At McDonald’s And Stealing Taxis

West Brom is in a lot of trouble. The club is bottom of the Premier League, seven points from safety. But Alan Pardew and his boys are turning things around. The great West Brom taxi heist and McDonald’s rendezvous of 2018 is the ultimate team building exercise in football history. I believe it was John Wooden who said: “The team that commits crimes together, stays up together.”

Reliving The Most Infamous Match Ever, The 2009 Chelsea-Barcelona UCL Semifinal

Next Tuesday, Chelsea and Barcelona will renew one of the greatest footballing rivalries of the 21st century. Beginning in 2000 and ending with that Fernando Torres goal scored almost six years ago, Barca and Chelsea met 12 times in the Champions League, including the 2000 quarterfinals, the 2005 and 2006 Round of 16 and the 2009 and 2012 semifinals.

WATCH THIS: Greatest Games, 2009 UCL Semifinal

Arsenal vs. Östersunds FK: The Fiercest Rivalry You’ve Never Heard Of

In every sport, there are rivalries that transcend all others — Yankees vs. Red Sox, Lakers vs. Celtics, Duke vs. UNC, North Korea vs. South Korea, Alabama vs. everyone outside of Tuscaloosa. For football purists, nothing beats the rivalry between Arsenal and Östersunds FK. Fortunately for soccer fans around the globe, the Europa League will bring us another thrilling chapter in the Arsenal vs. Ostersund rivalry on Thursday.

Cristiano Ronaldo Prepares For PSG Match By Playing With His Little Balls In Front Of A Baby

The Champions League returned with two matches on Tuesday, both featuring a team with a legitimate shot at winning the title and preventing Real Madrid from a historic three-peat. One might expect Cristiano Ronaldo and Los Blancos to be watching those matches to size up the competition, or at least spend the evening preparing for the big match against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was doing none of those things. Instead, he was at home playing a game that looks like it was invented by a 6-year-old. 

58 Seconds Of Shite Football That Will Make Arsenal Fans Forget All About Xhakastrophic Cechtastrophies

Arsenal fans know all about catastrophic blunders in defense this year. From Granit Xhaka completely switching off to Petr Cech whiffing on a kick, the Gunners’ defensive frailty is terrifying — and that’s just the Swansea game. But Ayr United in Scotland has Arsenal beat for ineptitude at the back. This video is just under a minute long, but it’s 58 seconds of the worst football you’ll watch this year.