Giovani Dos Santos Is Playing Himself Off Mexico’s World Cup Squad

With 102 appearances, 18 goals and as a veteran of two World Cups, history is on Giovani dos Santos’ side. However, his play on the field over the last year and a half makes his inclusion in Mexico’s 2018 World Cup squad, by Juan Carlos Osorio’s own stated standards, a real doubt.

When Dos Santos arrived in MLS in 2016, his initial return of 14 goals, 12 assists and a place in the MLS Best XI seemed to fully justify a Designated Player salary of $5.5 million per year. 

Spanish Announcers Are Better At Football Than English Announcers And You Won’t Convince Me Otherwise

Football is a sport of moments, of building up to a climax and exploding with joy, relief, anger or sadness. It is in these moments that football announcers show their true worth. But in the debate of English vs. Spanish football announcers we just made up, there is no doubt in my mind who wins. 

The Next USMNT Coach Absolutely Does Not Need To Be American

In a wide-ranging interview recently, Landon Donovan spoke of coming out of retirement for a second time, opting to join Liga MX, Mexico-U.S. politics and the state of U.S. Soccer. Donovan, perhaps the greatest American player ever produced, knows as well as anyone what he’s talking about when he discusses the state of U.S. Soccer, but he’s dead wrong in saying the next USMNT coach needs to be an American. 

Ronaldo’s Latest Underwear Line Is Sexy AF And Has Me Questioning My Sexuality

This week, the latest line of Cristiano Ronaldo underwear was unveiled to the world. You don’t need me to tell you this, but it’s sexy AF. 

Believe it or not, this is the ninth collection of CR7 Underwear released in the last six years by the Real Madrid star. So how does the Portuguese mahogany god keep selling tight underwear to football fans around the world? Turns out he’s a master salesman. As proof, let’s analyze this latest line of Cristiano Ronaldo underwear and the website hawking his wears. 

Which eMLS Gamer Would We Back To Kill A Wolf In Single Combat?

It’s the debate that was probably triggered by Liam Neeson’s outstanding performance in The Grey: could a man, equipped with only his wit, will to survive and a totally healthy sense of self-worth, kill a wolf in single combat? For Neeson, the answer was yes, although an entire den of wolves proved a few wolves too many.

Why Colombia Must Not Be Allowed To Win The World Cup

For many, especially in South America, the World Cup is everything. Every four years football fans tune in with hopes of seeing their country lift the trophy. For some (Germany, Brazil), this is a legitimate expectation. For others (England, the U.S.), it’s a mere pipe dream. The Colombia World Cup hopes are somewhere in between, but I really hope Los Cafeteros aren’t the last ones standing in Russia come July. 

The Juventus Show: A Review Of Juve’s New Netflix Documentary

This was a big week for Juventus. Not only did they get a hiding in the Champions League, they also released a self-glorifying TV show and lined up against their old cross-city rivals, Torino.  

This kind of glitz and glamour is what we’ve come to expect from the reigning six-time champions. It shows why they’re one of the countries best loved and most hated teams, all at once. 

But what did we actually learn from this week? 

Four World-Beating Teams That Could’ve Been If Not For Transfers

With three months still remaining in Europe’s major leagues, four of the five most-watched competitions are pretty much already decided. In Germany, Bayern Munich have ostensibly been crowned champions with an 18-point lead over their nearest rivals. In England and France, it would be shocking to see Manchester City and PSG throw away their respective 13-point and 11-point advantages. Spain is tighter, but Barcelona comfortably sit nine points clear of Atletico Madrid.

Inter Milan Were Supposed To Be Fun. What Happened?

Clubs have DNA. Not in the chemical sense but more in terms of the enduring cultural traits which are endemic to every single iteration of the team they put out onto the field.

Manchester United and their propensity for scoring late, important goals.

Barcelona and their Cruyffian pass pass pass.

Tottenham Hotspur and their glorious failure.

These are values which develop and manifest in a number of different ways. But over the course of many generations, fans will be able to witness these teams reverting to the values built into the very fabric of the club.