How Jorge Mendes Single-Handedly Got Wolves Promoted

Wolverhampton Wanderers were in League One almost four years ago. Fast forward to today, and they are on the verge of securing a return to the Premier League. How did a club, which was relegated from the Premier League (2011-12 season) and the Championship (2012-13 season) in consecutive years, manage to steady the ship and get itself back on track?

Two words: Jorge. Mendes. Yes, the Jorge Mendes, who is the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho. It is quite a murky situation in terms of what Mendes’ role at Wolves actually is. 

Hate Makes Him Unstoppable, So It’s No Surprise That Ronaldo Is Currently The World’s Best

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably, no, scratch that, he is the most hated player in soccer right now. I challenge you to name me someone more polarising, I dare you. But, what makes him so easy to dislike? 

Well, for starters, the guy has a body that looks as if the Greek god Zeus hand carved it himself. I mean, seriously, I know most of us are out of shape, but there’s no need for Ronaldo to continually take his shirt off in celebration to remind us all of how ridiculously jacked he is. It's not fair. 

USMNT MLS XI vs. European XI: Who Would Win (Or Would It Be A Scoreless Draw)?

We just couldn’t help ourselves. With just over 60 days to go until the release of the most anticipated book since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we had to celebrate Bruce Arena’s magnum opus, What’s Wrong with US?: A Coach’s Blunt Take on the State of American Soccer After a Lifetime on the Touchline (so blunt), by revisiting the former USMNT manager’s favorite dilemma — the MLS cohort versus their "hotshot" European counterparts. 

U.S. Soccer Must Stop The Search For The Next Messi In Order To Be Great

Please slow down, all of you. Be patient. Lower your expectations for a bit. You will be happier in the long run, I promise.

Americans spend a lot of time talking about how we are going to unearth the next Messi and be rocketed to soccer-superpowerdom. The reality is, even if the next Messi existed and was eligible for the USMNT and was convinced to play for the USA, the team would probably not be a soccer superpower.

Everything Soccer Fans Need To Know About ESPN+

Disney will finally launch its ESPN+ streaming service on April 12. The Netflix-esque service will provide a hodgepodge of sporting events and 30 For 30 documentaries for the reasonable price of $5 per month or $50 per year. But are the ESPN+ soccer offerings worth it for fans of the beautiful game?

ESPN+ has been in the works for a while, as Disney has looked to expand its products into the streaming realm. What exactly the service would entail has remained a bit fuzzy.

3 Forgotten Moments That Show Just How Good The USMNT Was In 2002

You can take the USMNT out of the World Cup, but you can’t take the World Cup out of the USMNT ... or something. We might not be creating any new memories in Russia, but at least we’ve got some historical moments that're always worth revisiting. I’m talking about the 2002 World Cup team.

The team’s run to the quarterfinals of that competition was no fluke — they didn’t Portugal Euro 2016 themselves into the history books.

Ronaldo’s Still Got The Training Wheels On Compared To This Lord Of The Bicycle

Hugo Sánchez bicycle kick goals were out of this world. Currently everyone's buzzing about Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a marvelous bicycle kick goal against Juventus in the UCL quarterfinals, and it was about time, for Ronaldo had repeatedly tried to score via a bicycle kick with little success and quite a bit of internet trolling.

However, Real Madrid fans are no strangers to wonderful bicycle kick goals.

Coaches Coming To An Unemployment Line Near You

The vast majority of leagues around the world right now are on the home stretch for the end of the season. Relegation battles are heating up, the Champions League and Europa League are at the pointy end of things and some leagues (Premier League and La Liga, we’re looking at you) are pretty much wrapped up at the top of the table.

Despite some owners and managers settling for mid-table mediocrity or a respectable top-half finish, others will not. Here are some managers that you can bet your bottom dollar will be coming to an unemployment line near you.