Heartwarming Video Of Footballer Cheering His Brother To Olympic Gold From Thousands Of Miles Away

Unfortunately for us footie fans, there is no soccer at the Winter Olympics; we’ll have to wait a while before eisfußball becomes an Olympic sport. But there was one professional soccer player, Håkon Lorentzen, who was fully in the spirit of the games on Monday and his reaction to his brother’s performance in PyeongChang was priceless.

Alex Morgan Supports US Women's Hockey Team's Decision To Boycott World Championship

A lot of you probably don’t know about the United States women’s national ice hockey team. That’s alright, that’s your issue. A lot of you will use this ignorance to claim that, vis-a-vis, they shouldn’t be properly compensated for their work. That’s not alright. These women are entitled, by law, to equitable support from USA Hockey in compensation, equipment, meals, staffing, transportation, hotels, travel and marketing.

Why Athletes Enjoy The Olympics More Than The World Cup

The Olympics and the World Cup are arguably the two greatest sporting occasions on the planet. What makes them so special is that they only come 'round once every four years, but there are a great deal of differences among these two giant competitions.

In the grand scheme of things, the simple fact is this: the Olympic Games mean way more to athletes than the World Cup does to footballers. Now, that wasn't always the case, but over time it has certainly developed into being that way, and it isn't really a surprise.

With A Six-Month Suspension And Her Contract Terminated, Hope Solo’s U.S. Career Is Over

For the United States Soccer Federation, it’s seemingly a case of enough finally being enough. Following Hope Solo’s infamous declaration that Sweden were a “bunch of cowards” after their victory over the U.S., America’s governing body has handed Solo a six month suspension and terminated her contract with the women’s national team. 

Brazil Beats Germany In Penalties For Olympic Gold

Remember that time Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semifinals? Yeah, that's history now. Weverton came up with a save in penalties and Neymar scored his penalty (in addition to a monster free-kick earlier in the game) and Brazil became Olympic champions.

We're not sure if anyone out there knew this, but Neymar is really good.

Germany Notch A Victory For Football By Defeating Sweden 2-1 In Gold Medal Match

After watching Portugal capture Euro 2016 by winning only a single match in regular time, the fear here was that we were about to witness more of the same on the women’s side of the game. Sweden had ridden their luck to the gold medal match on the strength of two penalty shootout victories.

Against Germany, they came undone. The first forty-five minutes appeared to give strength to the notion that Sweden were destined to win gold, but Germany simply blew them away in the second half. A 67th minute Sweden goal wasn’t enough to overturn the lead Germany had built.