Nike Launches New Unbelievable Fast AF Pack

Nike has officially released the new Fast AF pack. Wipe that smile off your face, Fast AF stands for "Audacious Football," obviously.

As you can see, Nike opted to label it's new cleat collection "football" rather than "soccer" in the U.S.  

This has some people wondering whether Nike is trying to change the norm.

The Nike AF pack features three boot models: Hypervenom, Magista Obra II and Tiempo Leged 7.

Nike Releases New Mercurial Boot And It Is Fuego

Twenty years ago, Ronaldo scored the first ever goal in a pair of Nike Mercurial boots. Today, the series of boots from Nike is arguably the most iconic in football. 

Nike Releases England 2018 World Cup Kit

It's World Cup Kit season! 

At an event in London today with The18 on hand, Nike released the 2018 England World Cup kits. Below are photos released from Nike and from the event in London.

What do you think of the Three Lions World Cup threads?

Rare 2005 Nike Commercial Featuring Messi Shows How Life’s A Cruel Mistress

This fantastic Nike “Recuerda mi nombre” (“Remember my name”) advert from 2005 has aged wonderfully over the last 13 years because (1) nothing can take away from how poignantly dramatic it is (2) in hindsight, its co-stars went on to wildly different but fascinating things (3) it’s basically a superb representation of the concept of negative capability — it’s a pursuit of a vision of artistic beauty that invites uncertainty and confusion rather than an image of what’s sure and definite.

Ronaldinho's Classic Nike Boots Get A Beautiful Facelift For 2018

‘Member the 2009 Nike Ronaldinho Dois boots? They were boss. They had the little cushions, making your control entirely like that of Ronaldinho's. They had the little multicolor seams, signifying that while you came to ball, you also liked to drink your fair share of caipirinhas on the weekend. With those boots, you transformed into a party animal, both on and off the pitch.