The Charlotte Independence Do Not Know When April Fools Day Is

One of the most annoying trends (which we will be participating in, by the way) on the internet is publishers publishing obviously false stories on April Fools Day. This year, April Fools Day is on a Saturday, so many publishers are doing something even more annoying, publishing their "fools" on March 31 instead. Enter the Charlotte Independence, who published a thing about signing former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss.

The Falcons Collapsed In The Super Bowl Because Kaka Was There

On Sunday, millions of people watched the Atlanta Falcons take a 28-3 lead on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, then throw that lead away in spectacular fashion and lose the game in overtime.

It was, depending on your perspective, either the most incredible comeback or the most heart-wrenching defeat in recent memory, and will not be forgotten by fans of either team or sports fans in general.

One of those people watching was Orlando City midfielder and former AC Milan man Kaka.

The Soccer World Reacts To The Patriots Super Bowl Comeback On Twitter

Yesterday, the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Everyone was ready to call it quits at halftime when the Falcons were crushing the Pats 28-3. But, the game is not over until the ref blows the final whistle, and when the time came and the ref blew the final whistle the game was tied up at 28-28. Coach Bill Belichick must have had one hell of a half time speech for his team because the Pats returned to the field after half with a whole new perspective. 

It was a surprise to everyone, but the Patriots came through and won their fifth NFL title.