Neymar Jr

Neymar Might End Up At PSG, But For Now He's Still Banging In Goals For Barcelona

The current saucy transfer rumor in the soccer world is French giants Paris Saint-Germain have reportedly come knocking at Barcelona's door inquiring after Neymar, for a reported near quarter-billion dollar fee. Neymar is said to be interested in this offer, as the Parisiens have reportedly offered to double his wages.

This move might happen and it might not. For the moment, though, Neymar is still a Barcelona player, and what a player he is. The Brazilian forward scored one pretty good goal and one PRETTY GOOD goal against Juventus in the International Champions Cup Saturday.

Neymar And Gabriel Jesus Put On An Incredible 5v5 Futsal Skill Show

Brazilian internationals Neymar and Gabriel Jesus put on a show in a Red Bull five-a-side competition this weekend, embarrassing opponents while the Facebook broadcaster embarrassed himself with some truly godawful commentating. 

It’s a difficult job trying hype a competition — and every single thing that happens in it — that’s obviously just for s**ts and giggles, but this guy clearly doesn’t know that Gabriel Jesus isn’t Gabigol — that’s fellow Brazilian Gabriel Barbosa, who plays for Inter Milan. 

Who Is The Best Dune Buggy Driver On Barcelona?

Gerard Pique crashed a dune buggy. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the dune buggy world, as dune buggies tend to give one a shot of adrenaline that forces one to press the gas pedal down as far as it will go while making an extremely sharp turn and ending up upside-down in a cloud of dust.

That said, is there anyone on Barcelona who would be able to resist these temptations, while still driving a dune buggy with the verve and the exuberance that a dune buggy demands? We speculated:

Gerard Pique: No.

Jimmy Kimmel Shut Down Hollywood Boulevard So Neymar Could Kick A Soccer Ball

So it took Neymar three tries to score, big deal. He was like 60 yards away from the goal and I'm not entirely sure about the wind situation in Los Angeles that day.

You know you've made it as an athlete when someone shuts down a major street so you can try to do a mostly pointless sports thing for talk show entertainment purposes. Neymar is definitely working his way up that most famous athletes list.