Fergie Should Sing The Champions League Song At The Champions League Final

The powers that be in the National Basketball Association apparently decided that the annual All-Star Game and surrounding weekend activities were not Fergalicious enough for their liking. So, they enlisted Fergie (of Black-Eyed Peas fame, not of Manchester United fame) to sing The Star-Spangled Banner prior to Sunday's game.

It went . . . interestingly.

Which Footballer Would Make The Best Music Video?

Every footballer music video is bad. This makes sense. Footballers are not musicians, nor are they dancers. But still, the footballer music videos could be better. There is room for improvement. 

We think part of this is down to which footballers are making music videos and which footballers are not. No one cares what Jese has to say, no offense to Jese. However, these four footballers (well, one is a coach) would make excellent music videos, we think.

Roberto Firmino

Neymar Stars In Powerful New “Above The Noise” Advert From Beats By Dre

Three years ago, Beats by Dre won the advertising battle at the World Cup without even sponsoring the event. With the likes of Neymar, Chicharito, Cesc Fabregas and Luis Suarez all rocking the headphones, FIFA was forced to ban the noise canceling contraptions to protect the event’s official audio sponsor, Sony. 

Even still, Beats by Dre’s “The Game Before The Game” advert was probably the best spot at the World Cup.