Fastest Goal In Mexican Soccer History (VIDEO)

The score graphic was not up yet. The photographers did not have their cameras up. No one was expecting Gustavo Ramirez to rip a shot from the kick-off. Yet, 4 seconds into the match, Ramirez took a shot from the midfield line and scored the fastest goal in Mexican soccer history. The opposing goalkeeper was likely the most surprised. There is also nothing better than hearing Mexican soccer comentators scream "GOOOOLLL!" for minutes long.


What The Future Holds For Chicharito

Javier Hernandez, otherwise known globally as Chicharito, had a tough season last year with Manchester United. He only started six games under former manager David Moyes, even though he had scored around 40 goals in his first three Manchester United seasons. And it would seem that even Chicharito doesn’t know what his future has in store. When asked about his future with Manchester United and in the English Premier League by various reporters, he answered calmly, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, only God knows.”

Mexico Loses A Heartbreaker

Futbol can be cruel. We saw how cruel it was when Chile almost beat host country and tournament favorites Brazil. If it weren't for a couple of crossbar and post strikes, the Chileans would be in the quarterfinals. but this is futbol. It was Mexico this time who suffered the cruelness of futbol. The Mexicans lost 2-1 after leading the game for 88', and it was an Arjen Robben dive that cost them the game. 

What A Save: Mexico Comes Up Big In Goal

This was purely an advertisement for football. There are fans and critics alike who decry the fact that 90 minutes can end “nil-nil,” but we’d happily watch football of this caliber for hours and hours – let alone on a stage such as this. Almost everything the beautiful game has to offer was captured in Fortaleza between the home side and a Mexican team that is peaking at precisely the right time.