How A Giovani Dos Santos Golazo Changed The Future Of Soccer In The U.S. And Mexico

Soccer in the United States is exemplified best by one word: transition. If there really is World Cup winning glory in the future of the United States Men’s National Team, then the current era must be considered its awkward years. U.S. Soccer is getting there, but it is often painfully clear that, as far as the country has come, it has so much further to go. 

How To Tell If Your Friends Are Real Fans Of Liga MX

Liga MX is one of the most popular leagues in the world, only more so as the popularity of soccer rises around the world. But what do you do if you are suspicious your friends have only started to follow a Liga MX team in the name of glory hunting, or simply as a flavor-of-the-week? Well, you read this list, that’s what.

1. Saying, “Odiame Mas,” either makes them your best friend or worst enemy.

Centennial Cup America Confirmed

Back in May, we reported about CONMEBOL and CONCACAF creating a special tournament that will bring Copa America – and some of the best players in the world – to the United States. 

Well, it's officially happening. The two governing bodies and FIFA announced Friday that the FIFA executive committee has voted in favor and officially added the Centennial Cup to the FIFA events calendar.