Mexico National Team

Chicharito Scores For Leverkusen, Continues Run Of Good Form

Chicharito is on fire. We repeat: CHICHARITO IS ON FIRE.

Javier Hernandez scored against Wolfsburg Saturday, making four goals in six games for the Mexican Bayer Leverkusen striker.

Chicharito Continues Fine Form With Brace In The German Cup

Chicharito has been going off lately. He had a brace in Bayer Leverkusen's draw against Roma in the Champions League last week, scored again in the Bundesliga this weekend, and now he's gone and done it again with a brace in Bayer's German Cup game.

Juan Carlos Osorio Has Everything He Needs To Succeed With Mexico

Mexico's national team has a new commander in chief. After months of uncertainty and many possible candidates, FEMEXFUT decided to bet on a Colombian coach by the name of Juan Carlos Osorio, a decision that was questioned by all, fans and media that preferred to have a big star or, at least, a known character in the bench of their national team.

This Mexico Fan Just Made The Greatest Fan Costume Ever

Soccer fans are a passionate bunch, but, as with every group, there are those who rise above the rest. These fans take their passions to completely unheard-of levels. 

Take this man, for instance. We do not know where he found the time and developed the skills to make that costume, but it is incredible. That costume probably cost more money (if labor is included) than a ticket to the game he wore it to.

Paul Aguilar Celebrated His Goal By Diving Head-First Into A Wall

After the goal he scored Saturday, Paul Aguilar can celebrate however he wants. He scored the biggest goal in one of the biggest games of the year for his country, and that gives him a significant amount of leeway in terms of whether or not we make fun of his goal celebration. 

And, it appears to us, Aguilar was so deliriously happy after the goal that he lost all sense of reason/safety/self-preservation. 

Paul Aguilar Just Scored The Most Important Goal In Mexico Vs. USA History

You know what happened by now, even if you didn't see the game. Paul Aguilar scored in the 119th minute to lift Mexico over the United States for the right to go to the Confederations Cup, the warm-up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Considering the circumstances leading up to the game, the hype, the stakes, the atmosphere, this coule very well be the most important goal scored in USA vs. Mexico history.