Have Fans Forgiven Carlos Vela For Leaving El Tri?

At 16 years of age, Carlos Vela walked onto a soccer pitch in Peru with all the weight of Mexico on his shoulders. The Mexican National Team had finally made it the final of the U-17 World Cup. Not once in Mexico’s history had a Mexican national team made it to the finals of a world tournament. No pressure. No pressure at all for Carlitos, who would go on to lead the young Mexican national team to glory against Brazil, scoring their first of the match and leading Mexico to a 3-0 scoreline against the tournament favorites.

Tecatito Corona Had An Incredible Debut For Porto

F.C. Porto continues to shine in the Primeira Division, with El Tri players leading the way. The Portuguese giant has a strong core of Mexican players playing at the club and one of their new additions left a mark for the club in his first match. Jesus “Tecatito” Corona inspired The Dragoes to a win against Arouca at Estadio Municipal Saturday.

Carlos Vela Tweets, Angers Real Sociedad Fans

Be careful what you tweet. Especially if you have a ton of followers and devoted fans paying attention to your words on social media.

Think twice about whether or not you want to or should tweet whatever is on your mind. Real Sociedad fans are teaching that lesson to star forward Carlos Vela.

Real Sociedad fans are furious at Vela over a tweet that Vela sent out not too long ago that centered on Athletic Bilbao’s incredible win over Barcelona.

Pros And Cons: The Chipotle Homegrown Game

The Club America U-20s defeated the MLS Homegrown All-Stars last night in penalties after the game ended 1-1 in regulation. This casts a poor light on MLS's player development efforts, however friendly the match ended up being. With that in mind, we did what we always do in trying times: we made a list of pros and cons. 


The MLS Homegrown All-Stars almost didn't lose!


The MLS Homegrown All-Stars lost.


The MLS team was really young, with just eight players age 21 or older.

Miguel Herrera Reportedly Punched A Journalist In The Neck

Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera is the coach of the Mexican national team, but maybe not for much longer after reports surfaced that he punched TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli in the neck at the Philadelphia airport Sunday. 

Mexico advances in the Gold Cup: Is the fix in at CONCACAF?

Seriously, is the Gold Cup fixed? Miguel Herrera earlier claimed various forces were against Mexico in the tournament, but now it looks like various forces (and by "forces, we mean "referees") want Mexico to win win the Gold Cup more than they want anything in the world.

First, there was this penalty, which we'll call "dubious." 

I can see it both ways. But the Costa Rican team, and various Costa Rican politicians, were pissed.

Highlights: Mexico Demolishes Cuba In The Gold Cup

It's actually sort of a slight on Mexico that they didn't beat Cuba by more last night.

El Tri had 44 shots on the night, but only sic of those went in. 

Oribe Peralta had a hat trick for Mexico, with Carlos Vela, Andres Guardado and Giovani dos Santos also scoring.

Cuba was down to 16 players after six players (plus the manager) were held up in Cuba and one defected after arriving in the United States.