Matt Pick

Understand The Science Behind Messi’s Insane Curved Goals

Messi cannot break the laws of physics. As much as some of his fans love to say that he does, and as magical as his talent may seem, it is physically impossible for him to break the laws of physics. It is impossible for all of us, independent of some sort of incredible technology, to break the laws of physics. With a ball at his feet, Messi must obey the same laws as everyone else in the world. He just happens to be the best in the world at pushing those laws to their very limits. He can put the ball wherever he wants, curve it however he wants, but how does he do it?

A 13-Year-Old Girl Wrote This Open Letter To FIFA. And It's Absolutely Perfect

Editor's note: We received this letter from 13-year-old Mic Beedy and knew immediately we had to publish it. She's an aspiring soccer player with a bright future. She currently plays with the Missouri Thorns (a feeder club for the NWSL's Portland Thorns) and is a name you should remember – you just might hear it mentioned during the 2023 Women's World Cup. But it's not her soccer skills that caught our attention. It's the power of her words. Quite simply, she puts into perspective what it's like for a young woman to face inequality in sports.