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Paul Pogba Will Face Off Against His Older Brother Florentin In The Europa League

Yeo Moriba, the mother of Paul, Florentin and Mathias Pogba, is one of our favorites over at The18. From her spot in the the Adidas “Football Needs Creators” ad (“He’s always been very creative, doing everything his own way”) to raising three sons by herself on a housing estate outside of Paris, Yeo Moriba is the matriarch for us.

10 Of The Greatest Immortalizing Soccer Statues On The Planet

Football has always been about the glory with high-pitched moments and actions magnified in front of a global audience. Those who change the course of a match’s outcome become legend, and legends never die — especially if those legends are then cast in bronze and placed outside a stadium. 

These are 10 of the most stunning sculptures of footballing legends that have achieved immortality through the form.

Zlatan Says He Didn't Kick Seamus Coleman In The Head On Purpose, But If He Did He Would Have Knocked Him Out

Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Everton Sunday was noteworthy for two things Zlatan Ibrahimovic did.

The one that everyone is focusing on: his kicking Seamus Coleman in the head early in the second half.

Zlatan wasn't punished on the field for the incident, but his comments after the game could cause the FA to take a closer look.

Zlatan Does Zlatan Things, Fellaini Does Fellaini Things In Manchester United Draw

The clash between Manchester United and Everton played out much like a GEICO commercial this Saturday at Goodison Park.

The script goes something like this:

"If you're Zlatan, you score ridiculous goals and get away with almost anything, including stomping on Séamus Coleman's head. It's what you do."

"If you're Marouane Fellaini, you come off the bench at 85' and get called for a stupid penalty at the 87'. It's what you do."

Jose Mourinho Says Bastian Schweinsteiger Can Stay At Manchester United

Bastian Schweinsteiger's exile from Manchester United's first team appears to be dissipating.

The German midfielder played in his first match of the season earlier this week, getting a few minutes of run against West Ham in the EFL Cup quarterfinals. Schweinsteiger made the most of his time, sending a nice pass to set up Zlatan Ibrahimovic's second goal.

This has led Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to say that Schweinsteiger might not be so exiled after all.

Manchester United Are Better Than Fergie’s Title Winners Under Mourinho

You’ve likely heard that Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United are, after 13 Premier League matches, further down the EPL table than they were during the dog days of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal. You’ve also probably been told that Mourinho has won as many games (six) in his last 20 EPL fixtures as Sean Dyche, Sam Allardyce and, yes, David Moyes. And all this after spunking a bajillion of the late Malcolm Glazer’s hard earned dollars all over the summer transfer market.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Briefly Played In A Soccer Game For Manchester United

We've been over why Bastian Schweinsteiger needs to be playing for Manchester United, so we're not going to do that again.

(sorry, can't help ourselves: it's because Marouane Fellaini is garbage)

Schweinsteiger's exile from the Manchester United first team finally ended Wednesday when he made a four-minute (plus stoppage time) cameo in United's 4-1 win against West Ham in the EFL Cup quarterfinals.

Man United Roll West Ham With Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scoring A Brace

It’s the EFL Cup so everything must be taken with a grain of salt, but Manchester United’s dominate victory over West Ham in the quarterfinals saw United resemble a waking giant. It must also be said that West Ham’s performance was totally in line with their 2016-17 season so far — disastrous.

With only two minutes gone, the Red Devils opened the scoring after a brilliant exchange between Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. With both Paul Pogba and Marouane Fellaini suspended for the match, Mkhitaryan was handed a rare start and setup Ibrahimovic with a slick back heel.  

Zlatan Believes He Can Eclipse Napoleon By Conquering America

Zlatan Ibrahimovic frequently plays at being a conquerer, emperor and god while discussing his career. He’s discussed how his favorite movie is Gladiator, because he feels that, like Maximus Decimus Meridius, he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next.

“That’s how I felt, or wanted to feel,” said Ibrahimovic in his book, I Am Zlatan. “I wanted to stand up to the whole world and show everybody who’d doubted me who I really was, and I couldn’t imagine anyone who’d be able to stop me.”