Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand Should Fight Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather At The Same Time

Rio Ferdinand, yes that Rio Ferdinand, the 38-year-old former Manchester United center back and current television presenter, is reportedly going to announce his intention to become a professional boxer. Ferdinand has been a boxing fan for a long time, so it makes sense for him to want to see what it's really like in the ring, provided he's in good enough shape.

Antonio Valencia's Thunderous Volley Ruined Wayne Rooney's Manchester Return. Then It Got Worse

Any thoughts Wayne Rooney had of a happy return to Manchester were ritually sacrificed by being set on fire and danced around by his former teammates.

To wit:

Antonio Valencia, who spent eight seasons as Rooney's teammate in red, welcomed his former captain back by thundering a volley past Jordan Pickford in the fourth minute.

Marcus Rashford Remains The King Of Debuts In His First Champions League Match

You must know by now the fun stat that is floating around on the Internet regarding Marcus Rashford's prowess in debuts. The 19-year-old Manchester United forward is a debut goal machine.

Of Course North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Is A Manchester United Fan

It’s really no surprise. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a Manchester United fan. What else would you expect from a man as successful as the Supreme Leader? The two are a perfect match.

Manchester United won the first Premier League title in 1993. Kim was able to drive a car by age 3.

Manchester United has won three Champions League titles. Kim won a yacht race at age 9.