Watch Josh Windass Take Out His Own Manager With An Epic Slide Tackle

The Old Firm is always lit, and this weekend's contest was no exception. Celtic won, sure, but the play of the game was undoubtedly Rangers midfielder Josh Windass' slide tackle on his own manager, Pedro Caixinha.

The two shared a laugh afterward, but we can't help but wonder if Windass will have to run a few extra wind sprints in training this week.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go back to giggling like schoolchildren at the name "Windass".

Wenger Watch: Takin' Care Of Business

Arsenal's 2-0 victory over West Brom Monday was . . . expected. Although they caught a couple breaks via the referee and Nacho Monreal's field awareness, Arsenal mostly took care of business and won by a scoreline that they were supposed to win by.

So, cool! We have accordingly adjusted the Wenger-O-Meter closer to the "IN" position. Wenger isn't quite out of the woods, but things are looking up!

Wenger Watch

Jurgen Klopp Called A Press Conference A "Waste Of Time" After Someone Asked If He Was In Love With Any Of His Players

Pre-match press conferences are usually occasions for managers to give injury updates and talk about how their opponent is going to be tough, no matter who it is. This is a tried-and-true formula, and it mostly works as long as the journalists stick to said injury updates and platitudes about the other team. Let's be honest: no one ever learns anything at pre-match press conferences and it's amazing coaches don't answer every question with "I don't know, we haven't played the game yet."

Wenger Watch Carabao Cup Special: Survive And Advance

Arsenal took care of business in their Carabao (which we are pronouncing CaraBOW with extra emphasis on the BOW) Cup clash against Doncaster Rovers. Theo Walcott scored. Alexis dribbled a lot. Olivier Giroud tried two overhead kicks. Arsenal saved two goals in situations that involved beleaguered Arsenal defenders making horrible mistakes but being so much faster than the Doncaster forwards it didn't matter. Jack Wilshere played.

So, nothing to worry about, really. Survive and advance.

Wenger Watch: The Tie That Binds

In Thursday's Wenger Watch European special, we ended with "Arsenal play Chelsea on Sunday, which means the Wenger-O-Meter will be in a much sillier position next week. Unless they tie."

Well, guess what happened? They tied! 0-0!

Therefore, true to the Wenger Watch's word, we are keeping the Wenger-O-Meter in the exact same position we had it in on Thursday, which, as you may recall, was in the MIDDLE. Neither IN nor OUT. SCHRODINGER'S FRENCHMAN.