Watch Jurgen Klopp Delightfully Try To Do Australian Things

Jurgen Klopp is a delight. He is a delight in Liverpool and he is even more of a delight when he is in Australia.

Watch Jurgen do some native dancing, try to play the didgeridoo and throw a boomerang. I would watch him dancing on a loop for 10 hours every day and never go to work again if I could.

I hope he learns to play the didgeridoo for real someday. I also hope he learns to throw a boomerang so it comes back. I hope he never learns to throw a spear properly. He would definitely kill Dejan Lovren in a rage if that happened.

Italian Exports: How Players And Managers From Italy Have Fared Abroad This Season

There’s still another round of matches to play in Serie A. Sure, Juventus have won the title. Sure, they printed some pretty cringe-worthy ‘LE6END’ merchandise and plastered it everywhere. Sure, Napoli and Roma seem set in their Champions League spots. Sure, every position in the league is seemingly sorted, bar Crotone and Empoli bickering about who gets to be the third worst team. Sure, the league is pretty much done and dusted. But we still have one round of fixtures left.

John Terry Awards Himself A Guard Of Honor While Luis Enrique Bows Out The Back Door

The premeditated pomp and choreographed farewell that John Terry bid Chelsea supporters at Stamford Bridge on Sunday stood in stark contrast to Luis Enrique’s final match at the Camp Nou. While the feel-good factor in the southwest of London as compared to the tension-riddled atmosphere at the Camp Nou could go someway towards explaining these divergent going away parties, the real variation was really only in the respective men of honor.

The Imminent Arrival Of Jorge Sampaoli Signals A New Dawn For Argentina

Losing a World Cup final in extra time is brutal and tough to come back from. Losing a Copa America final on penalties the subsequent year is a kick to the teeth. Losing yet another Copa America final the following year, to the same team and in the same manner, is practically a kill shot to any footballer’s professional hopes and dreams.