This Coach Says He Was Fired For Not Playing His Team's Owner Against Barcelona

Anatoly Korobochka might have the funniest horrible boss story ever. 

Korobochka was brought in to do front office stuff Hearts in the Scottish Premier League by owner Vladimir Romanov in 2006. In 2007, in the absence of a real manager, Korobochka was given the job even though he couldn't really speak English. 

That summer, Hearts played a friendly against Barcelona.

Days After Winning The Gold Cup, Herrera Fired From Mexican National Team

Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera just took the Mexican National Team to a Gold Cup championship win against Jamaica earlier this week. This calls for a celebration right? Well, the win feels a bit hollow if you think about it. Mexico’s run in the tournament was mired in officiating controversy and allegations of corruption. Not only that, but Miguel Herrera reportedly punched a journalist in the neck on the way to his flight at the airport.

Miguel Herrera Reportedly Punched A Journalist In The Neck

Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera is the coach of the Mexican national team, but maybe not for much longer after reports surfaced that he punched TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli in the neck at the Philadelphia airport Sunday. 

Stuttgart's Manager Banned Headphones For Some Reason

Alexander Zorniger is the new manager at Stuttgart. Alexander Zorniger does not like it when his players wear large headphones. He thinks it makes them look silly.

He told SportBILD:

“The players are allowed to wear headphones on the team bus, but not in public,”

“There’s a visual reason for this – a 5’5″ small player looks ridiculous when the headphones are as large as the whole head”.

Pros And Cons: Jurgen Klinsmann

After last night's loss in the Gold Cup semifinals to Jamaica, we don't know how to feel about Jurgen Klinsmann. So we made a list.


Bobby Wood, America's most recent soccer sweetheart, wasn't available for the Gold Cup because his club team wanted him to stay in Germany.


Klinsmann doesn't have enough pull in Germany to be able to borrow Bobby Wood for a few weeks?


Could Klinsmann not find anybody better than Aaron Johanssen to play striker?


United's Captain Mike Smalling. Errr... Chris Smalling!

Choosing who will lead your squad on the pitch as captain can be a difficult decision as a Premier League manager, especially when you can’t remember their name. 

In a pre-match interview with for the International Champions Cup, Louis van Gaal was accompanied by Chris Smalling to answer media questions. While explaining the change of captaincy from Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick (or Carrot as the Dutch manager likes to say) to Chris Smalling, van Gaal had a slight bump in his thought process.

Miguel Herrera Believes Mexico Is Getting Shafted At The Gold Cup

According to ESPNFC, Mexico head coach Miguel Herrera believes that his team is getting treated unfairly at the Gold Cup, citing that, because of the ticket sales that his team drives, it should get better travel accommodations. 

"What surprises me is that Mexico fills the box offices and causes stadiums to sell out, [but] in all this process they have treated us differently, they have cut certain things," Herrera said.