Watch Porto Fans Go Nuts For Their Team Even Though They Just Lost 5-0

After Sadio Mane and his pals ended Porto's 24-match unbeaten streak at home in destructive fashion Wednesday, one would think the Porto fans would be, like, mad or something.

But they weren't. Or, at least, if they had any anger they pushed it down deep inside themselves to be let out later at (to pick a profession at random) a tow-truck driver. Instead, the Porto fans cheered their team following an embarrassing loss just as loudly as they would have following a big win.

A Valentine's Day Poem For Each Of Liverpool's 5 Goals Against Porto

Liverpool are red,

Porto are blue

The Reds won 5-0

And are (almost) certainly through

Roses are red

Away goals are cool

That was a bit of a shitshow

Porto's goalkeeper is not very good

Roberto Firmino's Assist To Mohamed Salah Is Beautiful And Pure

This assist from Roberto Firmino to Mohamed Salah for Liverpool's second goal against Southampton is everything. After scoring the first via a Salah assist, Firmino returned the favor in style. The match ended 2-0 to Liverpool, with Firmino's assist the major highlight.

Adam Lallana Lost The Plot And Attacked A Tottenham U-23 Player

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana played for the Reds' U-23 squad against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday while rehabbing an injury. There is no good way to say this: He jumped on a Spurs player's back and tried to choke him.

Even though Lallana isn't known for this sort of thing, this is still really bad. We at The18 would like to go on record as being against choking people during soccer games.