John Barnes Was A Wizard On The Wing. Just Look At This Goal

For those that are too young to remember Liverpool’s last title, which came in the 1989-90 season, there’s the ever-increasing danger of that triumph being cast as a footnote to the all-powerful Premier League, which began in 1992-93.

The names of John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen will always carry weight around the world, but we get to see their particular brilliance infrequently. 

Why Do English Clubs Suck So Badly In The Champions League?

The Premier League is the richest, bestest (not a word), fanciest, blingiest (also not a word), most-watched, most hyped domestic football competition in the world. It’s the Big League football league, it has all the best players and knows all the best words. 

So why do its teams suck so hard when it comes to Europe? Why are three of its four participants already out of the Champions League before we’ve reached the quarterfinals?  

Liverpool Need A Small-Time Player If They Want To Win The Premier League

Elementary mathematics tells us that you don’t need to beat your title rivals to win the Premier League. As unlikely a scenario as it may be, a title-winning team could happily lose every single game to their four nearest competitors and still rack up 90 points from their remaining fixtures, a tally that would have clinched the title in nine of the last 10 seasons.

As Liverpool are proving this season, however, the reverse is equally true: you can batter the teams in the top six league positions and still come nowhere close to sitting atop the footballing pyramid.

Can Liverpool Turn It Around?

At the start of the season, Liverpool fans were filled a sense of cautious optimism. If it weren't for the fact that the club is in the midst of a 26-year drought since its last league title, the fan base may have actually dared to say that this would be their year to end what has been an agonize quarter century for the club with the second-most league titles in England.

It would have been hard to fault their confidence, as the stars seemed to align for something special to happen at Anfield this term.

What's Behind Liverpool's Poor 2017?

In between weeks eight and nine of the 2015/16 Premier League season, Liverpool added to their list of great signings by bringing in former Borussia Dortmund manager Jürgen Klopp.

Going into the 2016/17 Premier League Season, Liverpool had extremely high expectations. During the first half of the season, Liverpool saw a mixture of great results against high-caliber teams who had their hopes set on the title race. However, in 2017 Liverpool has seen a handful of mixed results that have set back their title race dreams.