Let’s get one thing out of the way: these cats are young. They’re like kittens in that sense — feral, attack-minded, alley kittens. It’s easy to get hyped on talent at the FIFA U-20 World Cup because the game, at this age, so heavily favors attackers. The goals are beautiful, but they’re generally scored in acres of space and triggered by a breakdown in midfield or defense.

12 Times Ronaldinho Was Obviously Cheating

Ronaldinho could’ve been sent off hundreds of times in his career for unsporting behavior. Blessed with otherworldly control and technique, the Brazilian would frequently contort the rules of the game for his own benefit. It wasn’t fair, nobody else could or can do it now, but he got away with it because he was a god. As we all know, life has two great questions: 1.) Is there a heaven? 2.) How did Ronaldinho get this good?

Watching David Beckham Provide Outrageous Assists For Various Legends Is A Good Time

When you limit your playing career to Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain (and represent the English national team for 14 years), you're inevitably going to play alongside some of the world's best players. What's more, if you're a really great passer of the ball, which David Beckham was, you're going to provide a few classy assists for that talent.

Let’s Kick Gingerism Out Of Football

According to the ScotlandsDNA project, only 0.6% of the world’s population has red hair. Chances are, you’ve known a few gingers in your life, and maybe you’ve even taken a moment to stop calling them Carrot Top, Mr/Ms Weasley, Chucky, Big Red, Ginger Balls and/or Strawberry Shortcake and gotten to know them as unique individuals that aren’t defined by the color of their drapes, you damn bully.

12 Ridiculous Excuses Coaches Hear From Players

Being a coach is tough. Making sure players show up, sending countless emails and managing the expectations of every parent can make the whole experience of coaching a youth team seem like herding cats.

On top of that, coaches have to listen to the same excuses time after time after time. Some are reasonable, some are ridiculous and all of them are a coach's least-favorite part of the job. At least one can laugh about them later. Here's a list of excuses that, at one time or another, every coach has heard.

Footballers With The Most Red Cards In Soccer History

Most players receive only a few red cards in the course of a career. Red cards can be a last ditch effort for a referee to control a game after it becomes unhinged. Typically, the events that lead up to a red card are unintentional - almost humorous. (We can all thank Fellaini for this comical exchange with Sergio Aguero during the Manchester Derby.) Some players, however, seem to have made a career of obtaining red cards. They are just plain good at it.

How To Do The 10 Best FIFA 17 Celebrations

Scoring in FIFA is one of the best feelings in the world, especially against your roommate or friend. Doing a cheeky celebration is the icing on the cake. Footballers are known for their iconic celebrations, such as Ronaldinho's hang loose, Pogba's dabbing, Ronaldo's jump and Gareth Bale's heart. The developers at FIFA have done the world a favor by letting users choose whatever celebration they want to extend the glory. Here are the top ten FIFA 17 celebrations and how to perform them.

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