Forget Who Actually Won. Here's Who Really Deserved To Win Every World Cup.

It happens all the time in American college football — a school or organization retroactively decides a national championship decades after the season has completed. For decades college football didn’t have a tournament to decide the best team, so everyone made their own judgements, from current powerhouses to wannabe powerhouses.

The Biggest Underdogs In Each World Cup Group

The focus of the World Cup will inevitably be on the big teams, but what about the teams that everyone might forget about, the World Cup underdogs? Everyone wants to see a team do well that isn’t initially expected to go very far. In the 2002 World Cup, we saw South Korea make it all the way to the semifinals under the guidance of Guus Hiddink. Who would have seen that one coming?

FIFA World Cup Top Scorers (All Time)

As a competition that traces its roots back to 1930, not many sporting events do trips down memory lane quite like the World Cup. The history of the World Cup, like history itself, is written by the winners, and you won’t lift the most prestigious trophy in sports without a bonafide goalscorer. So who are the FIFA World Cup top scorers of all time?

While the likes of James Rodriguez, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wesley Sneijder and Diego Forlan have dazzled at recent tournaments, none of them feature in this list of the 20 most prolific World Cup top scorers of all time.

5 Celebrities Who Are Soccer Fans For Totally Random Reasons

When celebrities are interviewed about their favorite soccer teams, the common answers always seem to be Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. As Us Weekly puts it, celebrities really are just like us. Everyone loves a winner, including celebrity soccer fans.

Five Clubs Whose Shirts Have Been Worn In The World Cup

France wearing green? Argentina in bright yellow? How about Mexico wearing blue and white stripes? In World Cup kit history, there have been five instances of club kits being worn by national teams, often due to bizarre circumstances. 

Top 7 Soccer Hype Videos To Revive Your Excitement For The World Cup

Whether it’s a brand image stunt by sports giants like Nike and Adidas or a fan-made video, the beautiful game brings out the naked, truthful human in all of us. These mini-movies, montages of absolute fiction that will make you weep in agony that they’re not real, encapsulate all that is soccer: absolute beauty. Minus Eric Cantona, the dude is practically in every soccer video ever made.

Here are The18’s favorite soccer hype videos. And please, by all means, it’s alright to cry.