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Casemiro Confirms That Zidane Is Still One Of Real Madrid’s Best Players

It's safe to say that Zinedine Zidane is aging remarkably well. The 45-year-old quickly transitioned from a Champions League winning player to a Champions League winning coach, and he looks as if he hasn’t aged a day in-between. He's got the kind of sideline presence that'll make your mom stop and stare at the television before saying something about how Americans are sure as s**t a lot fatter than Europeans.

Spanish Football Federation President Arrested On Corruption Charges

There’s big news coming out of Spain today and it has nothing to do with the transfer market or Neymar. The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Angel Maria Villar, was arrested early this morning after Spain’s National High Court ordered an anti-corruption operation against the Spanish Football Federation. 

Along with Angel Maria Villar, others arrested include his son Gorka, Juan Padron, the economic vice-president of the federation, Ramon Hernandez Baussou, the president of the Tenerife Football Federation and the general secretary of the Tenerife Football Federation.

You Should Feel Sorry For These Poor Fools Who Were Destroyed By Lionel Messi Last Season

There’s something beautiful about watching Lionel Messi in action. It’s poetic, balletic and scintillating. The anticipation when he receives the ball brings butterflies to the stomach. The way he effortlessly skips by defenders and zips in shots from long range makes the heart sing. How he deftly controls a sharp pass with the outside of his left boot before depositing a shot into the lower corner tingles the senses like a romantic first kiss. 

But mostly, we just love seeing Messi embarrassing the sorry fools who try to stop him week after week.