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Hablaliga: The Biggest Disappointments in La Liga This Year

Every week The18's Giselle Cesín covers a topic about La Liga. This week we’re going over the 10 players who have disappointed the most tso far. Not the worst players. The most disappointing players. There is a difference. Please don't yell at us in the comments.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The misfiring Ronaldo is converting fewer chances than any goalscorer in Europe. But he just became a father again, so maybe that will give him a boost?

Ronaldo’s Historically Bad Start Just Part Of Greater BBC Disappearing Act

Real Madrid’s shocking 2-1 defeat to Girona yesterday marked the fourth occasion in which Los Blancos have failed to capture all three points this season, a worrying trend that’s seen Barcelona open an eight-point gap on their fiercest rivals after only 10 matches. Real’s attack has been uncharacteristically blunt this campaign, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s return of only one goal in 540 minutes of action has garnered the most attention. 

Famous Footballers Who Are Living It Up This Father's Day

These footballers shoulder a lot of responsibility when they step out on the pitch for their clubs, but they have an even bigger responsibility when they return home. For Father's Day, we are celebrating some of the famous footballers who are also loving fathers. Take a look at some of these players hanging out with their adorable little ones. 

Poetic Injustice: The Greatest Goals That Never Were

It doesn’t count on the scoresheet, but there’s something entirely satisfying about seeing an absolute crack smash off the woodwork. As humans, we like loud noises, and nothing makes us ooh and aah more than football’s own version of fireworks — the ball crashing into the crossbar from distance and flying into the heavens. 

Apart from that spectacle, great goals can be denied for a myriad of other reasons: sometimes it’s the referee, sometimes it’s a curmudgeonly defender or goalkeeper and sometimes it’s that idiot Nani.

The Footballers With The Most Followers On Social Media

Social media is now the most powerful tool for marketing products and services. For celebrities and world-class athletes, social media plays an important role in engaging with fans. As social media becomes more and more commercially influential, it only makes sense that the more followers they get, the more income they'll receive.