John Terry

11 Of The Most Hilariously Bizarre Substitutions In Soccer History

When it comes to the heart-stopping, heartfelt and hilarious moments we love about soccer, we tend to focus on what unfolds on the pitch. It follows logic that a substitution -- an activity occurring on the periphery -- would not warrant much more attention than the obligatory clap that comes with one player's exit, another's entrance and some extra time tacked on to the end of the match.

John Terry Says He Doesn't Care About Criticism Of His Chelsea Send-Off

John Terry is not mad. This is funny to him. He's laughing, actually.

Terry arranged his own substitution in the 26th minute of Chelsea's final match of the season — the final match of Terry's Chelsea career — because he wanted to honor himself by having the fans honor him. Terry was made fun of for this frivolous situation (The other players formed an honor guard as he left the stadium! Really!), but he is not mad at all.

John Terry Awards Himself A Guard Of Honor While Luis Enrique Bows Out The Back Door

The premeditated pomp and choreographed farewell that John Terry bid Chelsea supporters at Stamford Bridge on Sunday stood in stark contrast to Luis Enrique’s final match at the Camp Nou. While the feel-good factor in the southwest of London as compared to the tension-riddled atmosphere at the Camp Nou could go someway towards explaining these divergent going away parties, the real variation was really only in the respective men of honor.

John Terry To Leave Chelsea This Summer And Defend Resolutely Somewhere Else

After over two decades of flinging himself at the ball in the blue of Chelsea and winning a lot of trophies, John Terry has announced his decision to leave the club at the end of the season. Terry is synonymous with Chelsea’s rise to English and continental dominance as well providing that bit of assholery that every successful club needs. 

JT, as he’s called by those in the know, isn’t done defending yet, though. His high and tight haircut and high socks could be making their way to resolutely defending a club near you.

5 Slip-Ups That Will Remind You How Cruel Soccer Is

Football can be a cruel, cruel mistress. Fans have learned this lesson the hard way very well over the years. For every glorious triumph, there is a heartbreaking defeat. In certain cases, it seems baffling that it's actually happened.

These five slip-ups, from players and teams, highlight how you can never say "never" in this sport. Just when you think it's over, you can have the rug pulled out from under your feet.

Is It The Beginning Of The End For John Terry At Chelsea?

Major League Soccer take notice – Chelsea’s John Terry may be set to transfer from Stamford Bridge at the end of this season.

Last season Terry was regarded by many as one of the top defenders in the Premier League. Despite his age and history of injuries, the captain has experienced a renaissance during Jose Mourinho’s second stint at Chelsea manager, leading the west London club to the league cup and Premier League double.