The Glorious Kits Of AFCON 2017

After the smattering of originality at Euro 2016 thanks to a series of cookie cutter kits from Nike, the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations looks to be a romantic affair for jersey lovers. These are the best selections of what national sides like Senegal, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast will be wearing in Gabon.

Barcelona's 2017/2018 Home Kits May Have Leaked, And The Leaked Kits Are Ugly

Barcelona's kits for next season have reportedly leaked. They are bad, if they are in fact next year's kits. We're not 100 percent positive if these are the kits. There's a lot of evidence pointing to "yes", so for the rest of the article we're going to treat the rumors as true, even though they may not be, so take that into consideration as you read.

Barcelona Sign Second-Largest Shirt Sponsorship Deal Ever

Barcelona have signed a new shirt sponsorship deal with Rakuten, an electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo. The deal will pay Barca almost $60 million per year for four years, with the option of a one-year extension and even more money should certain bonus criteria be met.

Barcelona’s current deal with Qatar Airways, a partnership which began back in 2011, currently nets them around $35 million per year, but the Catalan side are now set to nearly double that yearly income with Rakuten as the primary sponsor.

Bayern Munich Play In Jerseys Made Of Literal Garbage

In a heartwarming display of humanity, Bayern Munich played today's match in jerseys made of ocean garbage to bring awareness to the damage being done to our oceans.