The Latest Leaked Images Of Barcelona’s New Home Kit Are Infinitely Improved

Images of Barcelona’s leaked 2017-18 home kit first began appearing in December of 2016. The jerseys, which will feature their new sponsor Rakuten for the first time, originally looked like all hell — like a printer trying to align its ink cartridges and failing. 

Has Bayern Munich's New Home Kit Been Leaked?

Ladies and gentlemen, Bayern Munich's home kit for the 2017-2018 season may have made its firs appearances online.

It's throwback to the jerseys that Bayern Munich were wearing in the 1970's, and Adidas did a fantastic job replicating it, but also making sure that the jersey has a modern look.

According to Footy Headlines, the jersey is completely red with thin, vertical white stripes. The shorts for next year are expected to go back to the classic red.

13 Reasons Every Girl Should Date A Soccer Player

Let me guess, you’ve dated a variety of different guys but nothing has ever worked out. He was either too quiet, too mean or went MIA. Now you're sick and tired of dating but you don’t want to face this world alone. Don’t stress out, I’m here to open your eyes and point you in the right direction.

Colorado Rapids Have The Best Secondary Jerseys In The MLS

The secondary jersey for the Colorado Rapids just has everything in it that you would look for in jerseys that are representative of state flags. One of the most beautiful and well-designed flags in the United States is the Colorado state flag, and the new jerseys definitely depict that. All the way from the blue sleeves, to the gold torso you can find the additional pieces of this jersey that make it such a well done jersey.

The Remarkable Link Between Seville’s Real Betis And Glasgow’s Celtic

The Spanish city of Seville holds a special place in the hearts of Glasgow’s Celtic supporters. The Andalusian city was the site of the 2003 UEFA Cup Final in which an unfavored Celtic side, managed by Martin O’Neill and captained by the legendary Henrik Larsson, faced off against Porto, led by “The Special One”, Jose Mourinho. 

The New USA Kits Aren't New At All

Well folks, Nike really went all in on their latest jerseys for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s national teams. Now that Jurgen Klinsmann and his hatred for the color red is out the picture, the U.S. will rock their “Red to Toe” uniforms. Cool! Expect for the fact that three teams have already sported these same exact jerseys. See for yourself:

MLS Has The Worst Jerseys Of Any League In The World

Football kits bridge performance and lifestyle like no other sporting attire. Without even knowing what they’re wearing, only knowing that it looks fly as hell, you see people walking around in the famed blaugrana stripes of Barcelona, the white sleeves of Arsenal or the historic bianconeri shirt of Juventus. They're really the only sports garments you can wear outside the stadium without looking like a child trapped inside the body of a demented adult. 

Sergio Ramos Traded His Jersey For Some Pork

Here's a tip: if you're at a match and you want a player to give you their jersey, bring something to bribe them with, like pork.

Hey, it worked on Sergio Ramos.