Watch Zlatan And Pogba Combine To Save Manchester United From Blackburn

Whenever a big side like Manchester United get played close by a smaller club, there's inevitably talk of the "Magic of the FA Cup", and, though that usually refers to some plucky underdog dethroning one of the elite, rich clubs, sometimes the magic of the cup is just watching Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic do something cool.

Case in point:

Chicharito Makes It Five Goals In Three Matches With Brace vs. Augsburg

This is the last thing Atletico Madrid wanted to see ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League first leg: Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez has hit top form again. With a brace against Augsburg on Friday, Chicharito made it five goals in three matches for Leverkusen.

After going through the longest goal drought of his career, Chicharito has been back with a vengeance throughout January and February. He put Leverkusen up 2-0 in the 40th minute with a left-footed shot.

This Unintentional Masterpiece Is One In A Million

First off, I just have to say I love how this guy absolutely hammers the ball without bothering to do anything whatsoever with his body shape. If I opened a footballing school for the gifted, this is the technique I would impart to my pupils. If ever, ever the ball the ball sits nicely in front of you, preferably on the bounce, just lace it. It’ll be worth it, no matter what happens. 

But what happens next, after he catches that sumbitch flush, is a miracle. 

Lorenzo Insigne Gives Napoli The Early Lead Over Real With A Cheeky Shot From Distance

It’s not often you see an attempt like this when a goalkeeper is off his line. Our first instinct was to blame Keylor Navas for Lorenzo Insigne’s eighth-minute opener for Napoli in their round of 16 match with Real Madrid, but this is a sensationally instinctive finish from Insigne.

Rather than attempt to chip the goalkeeper, Insigne sends a low, curling shot beyond a scrambling Navas and into the side-netting. Karim Benzema has since equalized for Real Madrid as we approach halftime.

PSG Run Barca Ragged In First Half, Julian Draxler Adds A Second To Make It 2-0

Barcelona have chosen the absolute worst moment to put in one of their most carless performances of the season. They’ve given the ball away and been unable to play with a rampant PSG side that finds themselves up 2-0 at half. While Barca have been awful, PSG have been simply brilliant, dominating the Catalans in every aspect of the game. PSG have launched 11 shots in the first half, putting seven on target.