Mesut Ozil Has A Cute Dog And Way Too Many Shoes

Mesut Ozil is one of the most serene players in world football, able to glide past defenders and place inch-perfect passes while still looking like he gives zero f*cks about being on the pitch. A new video from Hypebeast has shown a bit more what he’s like off the pitch, and while he still doesn’t appear to be giving any f*cks, he sure does have a boatload of shoes — and one cute pup.

Watch Barcelona Transform Bougie NYC Hotel Room Into Stanky Equipment Locker

If you saw the bellboy wheeling a few of these metallic cases down the hall, each clearly denoted as hands off material with a dozen locks keeping its contents guarded, you’d probably react like Ludacis in “Rollout (My Business)”: what in the world is in that bag, what you got in that bag?

For the FC Barcelona roadies, it’s a pair of one of a kind adidas Nemeziz 17s handcrafted especially for Lionel Messi, the latest range of Blaugrana training gear and Andre Gomes under lock and key.