Chelsea’s New Training Video Will Have You LOL-ing

As a manager the last half-decade, Antonio Conte has turned pretty much everything he touches to gold. He won three straight Serie A titles with Juventus, led Italy to a 14-4-7 record over two years and won the Premier League in his first season in charge of Chelsea. 

His secret? Big balls.

A recent training video released by Chelsea shows first-team players working on their, uh, let’s go with agility, by training with large exercise balls. 

More Proof That Luis Suarez Is Absolutely Mental

Part of what makes Luis Suarez so brilliant is that he’s absolutely insane. Occasionally this particular character trait can manifest itself poorly, but it’s also the same quirk that propelled him from Montevideo’s Nacional to the Camp Nou.

Suarez made his 2017-18 La Liga bow on Saturday and that insanity was on full display in the match’s final three minutes. With Barcelona leading 3-0, Suarez became hilariously incandescent with Gerard Pique after the defender scored Barca’s fourth in the 87th minute.