Watch Jurgen Klopp Delightfully Try To Do Australian Things

Jurgen Klopp is a delight. He is a delight in Liverpool and he is even more of a delight when he is in Australia.

Watch Jurgen do some native dancing, try to play the didgeridoo and throw a boomerang. I would watch him dancing on a loop for 10 hours every day and never go to work again if I could.

I hope he learns to play the didgeridoo for real someday. I also hope he learns to throw a boomerang so it comes back. I hope he never learns to throw a spear properly. He would definitely kill Dejan Lovren in a rage if that happened.

Turan And Umtiti Keep It 100 When Assigning Each Barca Player An Emoji

I thought this video was going to be terrible. Most of these club videos featuring two players playing a lighthearted game are unbearable — things feel forced, it looks like it’s the first time the players have ever talked to each other and they want to go home.

But Samuel Umtiti and Arda Turan are really good at assigning their teammates specific emojis. Maybe it’s because we use emojis way too much, maybe it’s because the nearly telepathic understanding Barcelona players seem to share lends itself to little activities like this, but Umtiti and Turan aren’t messing around.

That Moment When Your Greatest Strike Is An Own Goal

The ball goes up, the ball comes down. It flys to Earth without a sound. You make the call, you bike the ball, but that’s because you never know where it will fall. 

A bicycle kick own goal as graceful as this deserves poetry — fine poetry. This is a pretty difficult philosophical question: if you could score a goal as great as this but it also had to be an own goal...would you? I think I would. I know I would.