Thomas Muller​ Avoided The Press In The Most Genius Way Imaginable

I know what you're thinking and no, Thomas Muller was not dressed up in a disguise or protected by a security guard. So how did the Bayern Munich player successfully avoid the awaiting press contingent at the airport? All he did was talk on the phone! The funny thing is...his phone was really his passport. Take a look at the video:

5 Of The Best Soccer Commercials From The Past Year

One of the most beautiful things about soccer, particularly from an American perspective, is the absence of being bombarded by advertisements for a duration as long as the game itself. But when commercials are done right, they can become synonymous with the event and sometimes even more memorable. 

Here are five commercials that made us laugh, marvel and feel inspired over the course of the last year.

Did Spider-Man Take A Dive Or Was It A Stonewall Penalty? You Be The Ref

Manchester City’s 5-0 demolition of West Ham at the London Stadium was a crushing experience for Hammers fans. The loudest cheer of the night was reserved for an appearance from high school student Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man was felled in the penalty area, his tackler immediately pointing to the spot in a display of sportsmanship that’s rarely seen. But was it really a penalty, or did Spidey take a dive?

Kanye West’s Go-To Producer Is Tired Of People Blasting His Refereeing Skills

Mike Dean’s track record is unreal. He pioneered the Dirty South sound of the 90s while working with the Geto Boys, Nate Dogg, Tech N9ne and UGK. In recent times, he’s worked with Kanye West on all of his albums, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean and Desiigner. He’s a living legend, but Mike Dean has received a ton of criticism lately after wrongly sending off Sofiane Feghouli in Monday’s match between Manchester United and West Ham.