Watch Mario Balotelli Riding A Tiny Motorcycle During The International Break

Mario Balotelli was not called up for Italy's World Cup qualifiers this international break, so the Nice forward had some time on his hands. He used that time to race motorcycles.

We think this is a very good use of his time. Motorcycles are fun! Mario Balotelli is also fun, so this is a perfect combination. We would like to see this sort of thing more often, honestly.

We are also very proud of Balotelli for evidently winning the race. 

Andres Andrade Gets A Man Sent Off For Violent Conduct After Violently Dribbling Him

Leon defeated Tigres 1-0 on Saturday with Mexican international Elias Hernandez scoring the lone goal, but the game’s best sequence of action was saved for the 88th minute when winger Andres Andrade performed a dribble worthy of the club’s La Fiera moniker. 

Andrade left Tigres’ Jorge Torres splayed on the floor twice in the space of four seconds. Torres responded by attempting to slice Andrade’s Achilles, but the defender’s premeditated bit of violence only served to highlight the destruction that Andrade had unleashed.