Shot-Stopping Hero Dad And Son Get To Visit Burnley Training Ground

Adam Haworth and his superdad were invited to the Barnfield Training Center, home of Burnley FC, after the video of Adam’s dad saving his son from an errant shot went viral last Sunday. 

This Unintentional Masterpiece Is One In A Million

First off, I just have to say I love how this guy absolutely hammers the ball without bothering to do anything whatsoever with his body shape. If I opened a footballing school for the gifted, this is the technique I would impart to my pupils. If ever, ever the ball the ball sits nicely in front of you, preferably on the bounce, just lace it. It’ll be worth it, no matter what happens. 

But what happens next, after he catches that sumbitch flush, is a miracle. 

Supposedly A Fan Got Into A Champions League Match By Pretending To Be A Wigan Scout

The biggest story of Benfica's 1-0 home win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League round of 16 was undoubtedly a scout from Wigan Athletic, currently 22nd in the Championship, showing up to take in the contest.

The Strangest Lionel Messi Moments That Prove His Genius

No matter the field they play on, geniuses are a difficult breed to understand. Each of them has his or her own peculiarities and habits that we will never understand because they see things on a different level. Albert Einstein once picked up a grasshopper from the ground and ate it. He also used to go on bird-watching walks while playing the violin and crying. Nikola Tesla had an aversion to jewelry; Vincent van Gogh severed part of his own ear. The list goes on.

But what does any of this have to do with soccer?

Newcastle United Goalkeeper Slices Flying Side-Volley Backwards

After spending £6.5 million on Belgian Matz Sels in the offseason but watching him commit a series of high-profile errors to start the campaign, Newcastle United turned to 26-year-old goalkeeper Karl Darlow to steady the ship.

Darlow has since been great in net for the league league leaders, but he undoubtedly suffered the worst moment of his career in Newcastle’s 2-2 draw with Norwich City on Tuesday.