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Ricardo Pereira Juked A Defender So Bad It Looked Like He'd Been Shot

Fabio Coentrao was probably having a nice day Wednesday. The Sporting left back (on loan from Real Madrid) was outside, running around on the grass, playing soccer against Porto in the first leg of the Taca da Liga semifinals.

Then, Porto's Ricardo Pereira turned on the gravity and Coentrao's day went from good to extremely bad. Pereira got the ball on the right wing and burst into space with Coentrao in hot pursuit. Then Pereira hit the brakes and a big chunk of gravity whumped into Coentrao, who hit the deck. 

You Won't Believe The Level Of Detail In These FIFA 18 Stadiums

EA Sports will release its flagship football game next week, but we got a sneak peak at some of the FIFA 18 stadiums that will be included in the new edition — including four brand new to the game — and they are absolutely breathtaking.