Chip From Distance

When the goalkeeper is far enough away from the net, chipping from distance is a great scoring technique to use. It involves striking the ball just above the toes and very low to create extra spin, while lifting the ball high into the air with the right amount of power-so the shot doesn't fall short or go over the net. The quicker you kick, the faster the spin you can create. Players who have the vision to chip can maximize their chances of getting the ball in the goal.

Side Scissor Kick

The side scissor kick is a great finishing move in the air for advanced players who are willing to commit. It’s useful when there isn’t time or the right angle to get your head on the ball, but want to try to score. First you need to start the wind up early and swing your non-kicking leg towards the ball. Then kick with a smooth stroke and let the momentum come from having a firm foot.

He Tried To Clear It For A Corner But Ended Up Scoring The Own Goal Of A Lifetime

Languishing near the bottom of the Portuguese Primeira Liga table, heading into the break at 1-1 with S.C. Braga would’ve represented an exceptional 45 minutes of football for C.D. Tondela on Sunday. However, just on the stroke of halftime, Braga struck the crossbar before Tondela defender Ricardo Costa smashed the rebound into his own net.