Watch 10 Minutes Of Sergio Ramos Trying To Kill Other Humans

Sergio Ramos is a crazy man. This is not a secret, but it takes a very special type of crazy to produce a 10-minute video of bad tackles and late challenges and elbows and the like. Ramos is nothing if not special.

In December, Ramos set the Spanish Primera Division record for red cards in a career after receiving his marching orders for the 19th time. This was not exactly a surprise. Ramos has earned 24 total red cards in his Real Madrid career, and has collected nearly 300 total bookings.

Guardiola Drops Mourinho-Pogba Fallout Bombshell On The Eve Of Manchester Derby

On the eve of a Manchester Derby that could decide the Premier League title, Pep Guardiola has revealed some pretty destabilizing claims concerning Paul Pogba’s past, present and future at Manchester United. According to Guardiola, Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, offered his client to the Citizens over the January transfer window.   

The 10 Most Shocking Moments In Soccer History, Ranked

For over a century now, soccer has cultivated much of our pride and joy. The beautiful game, along with music, peanut butter and Netflix, is humanity’s pride and joy. However, with all the cheers and smiles, soccer comes with a dark side and over here, rainbows and sunshine are replaced with shame and disgrace. How far into the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Take the red pill and enjoy The18’s list of the most disgraceful soccer moments . . . just remember, you might not like what you find.

The 10 Most Shocking Moments In Soccer History

USMNT Defender Fined By Club For Grabbing A Man's Crotch

Matt Miazga is a very promising young American center back who plays for Vitesse Arnhem in the Eredivisie, on loan from Chelsea. Because we are interested in the goings-on of American players across the pond, we though it was newsworthy when Miazga was suspended for grabbing an opposing player's private region.

The incident happened on January 20, against Heerenveen in a 1-1 draw. The player whose crotch Miazga grabbed is Heerenveen right back Denzel Dumfries, which sounds like a made-up name but we assure you is not.

Here's a video of the incident:

Adam Lallana Lost The Plot And Attacked A Tottenham U-23 Player

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana played for the Reds' U-23 squad against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday while rehabbing an injury. There is no good way to say this: He jumped on a Spurs player's back and tried to choke him.

Even though Lallana isn't known for this sort of thing, this is still really bad. We at The18 would like to go on record as being against choking people during soccer games.