FIFA Video Game

Gorilla Wins FIFA Interactive World Cup Despite Curious Controller Controversy

Spencer Ealing, AKA Gorilla, won $200,000 and received a trophy from Ruud Gullit followed by a shower of confetti. Gorilla won the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Friday in London with a dominating performance throughout the week, but not a victory without controversy. 

In the two-legged, cross-console final showdown between the Xbox One winner (Gorilla) and the PlayStation 4 champion (Deto), Gorilla was allowed to use an Xbox controller for the PS4 first leg, essentially destroying Deto’s home-console advantage. 

Hilarious Disconnect Can’t Stop England’s Gorilla From Dominating Day 2 At FIFA Interactive World Cup

Like Winston Churchill in the face of endless hordes of German bombers, Gorilla is England’s great hope against three German competitors in semifinals of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, which was apparently trying to reenact the Battle of Britain on Thursday in London. 

Despite a disconnection in the first leg of the Xbox One division final, Gorilla took a stunning 6-0 lead into Friday’s second leg against CodyDerFinisher of Germany. In the PlayStation 4 final, Deto leads TimoX 1-0 after the first leg in an all-German affair. 

Americans Are Better Than The Brits So Far At The FIFA Interactive World Cup

The FIFA World Cup began on Wednesday. Let me rephrase that. The FIFA Interactive World Cup, the FIFA 17 video game form of the world’s greatest sporting competition, began on Wednesday. 

After months of qualifying and a mere month until the next game is released, the FIFA 17 championships got underway in London. Starting with 32 players, the field was whittled down to 16 after 112 matches on Wednesday, setting the stage for the final two days of competition on Thursday and Friday.