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Why Is The World Cup Every 4 Years? A Look At The History.

The most anticipated sporting event in the world brings people together from every background, race, culture and origin. The World Cup's power has been known to stop civil war by giving hope to entire nations. So why is the World Cup every 4 years? After all, it is the most-watched sporting event in the world and you would think teams, players and advertisers alike would love this kind of visibility year in, year out.

FIFA World Cup Top Scorers (All Time)

As a competition that traces its roots back to 1930, not many sporting events do trips down memory lane quite like the World Cup. The history of the World Cup, like history itself, is written by the winners, and you won’t lift the most prestigious trophy in sports without a bonafide goalscorer. So who are the FIFA World Cup top scorers of all time?

While the likes of James Rodriguez, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wesley Sneijder and Diego Forlan have dazzled at recent tournaments, none of them feature in this list of the 20 most prolific World Cup top scorers of all time.

Twitter Goes Ballistic On Sepp Blatter After He Tweets To A Baby Saying FIFA Shouldn’t Sell Out Football

Sepp Blatter is a douchenoggle, I believe we can all agree on this. The former FIFA president oversaw decades of corruption in football’s world governing body before eventually being banned from the sport. But this dude can’t stay out of the limelight, as evidenced by another absurd Sepp Blatter tweet on Thursday.

Homosexuality Is Illegal In Morocco; Will That Keep FIFA From Holding A World Cup There?

Despite a decade of evidence to the contrary, FIFA has been trying to show it has some shred of human decency recently by stating that human rights are an aspect that must be considered when voting for the 2026 World Cup bid. According to a recent Associated Press report, Morocco has been trying to hide one of its human rights violations from FIFA — and it could cost them the World Cup. 

Was This Really The Greatest World Cup Goal Or Are Mexico Fans Really Good At Voting?

We are going to go on record here and say that democracy is, generally, a good thing. Voting for leaders, holding them accountable with a free press and repeating the process is probably the most effective way to run a government. But when it comes to deciding the greatest World Cup goal of all time, voting might not be the best method.

Morocco Touts Gun Control, Lack Of Gun Violence In Fight Against U.S., Mexico For World Cup Bid

Morocco isn’t pulling any punches in its fifth bid to host a World Cup. Competing against the U.S., Mexico and Canada for the right to host the 2026 event, the Morocco World Cup bid is telling FIFA to consider the poor safety record of the U.S. and Mexico, particularly when it comes to murder rate and gun circulation.