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10 Footballers Who Surprised Everyone By Being Better Than Their Dads

While everyone comes to football in different ways, it is most often a family sport, passed down from one generation to the next. So it’s no surprise that famous footballers have kids who are just as passionate about the sport. These famous football sons proved to be better than their fathers.

A Swelling Of Emotion In Florence Underlines A Dramatic Weekend In Serie A

If last week’s round of Serie A fixtures was dominated by tragedy, then this week’s matches were defined by flashes of beauty peering through the gloom. Across a number of games, there were flashes of brilliance which pierced through the fog for vastly different reasons. Even if, ultimately, the moments meant nothing, the surge of emotion and energy was undeniable.

Let’s begin with the most astounding of all.

Watch Francesco Totti Score One Of His Most Brilliant Goals After Retirement

This Francesco Totti goal will bring nostalgic tears to your eyes. Remember that majestic Italian player who retired only recently?

Francesco Totti was one of those players who gave the beautiful game all of its romantic allure.

Totti never played for another team different than Roma. He holds the record of most appearances for the club with a total of 786 in all competitions, 619 of them in Serie A.

Moreover, he was unquestionably one of the most talented players of his generation.

Burnley Substitutes Shelter Children From Fan Violence At West Ham

The scenes at London Stadium during Burnley's 3-0 win over West Ham on Saturday quickly devolved into ugliness, with West Ham ultras fighting in the stands and occasionally running on the field and fighting there.

There was, however, a silver lining of sorts. When West Ham fans were punching each other in the stands, some Burnley subsitutes gave up their seats on the bench to a group of children to shelter them from the violence.

Here’s 6 Minutes Of Johan Cruyff Being Absolutely Unplayable At The ’74 World Cup

The greatest footballing nation to have never won the World Cup? It’s the Netherlands. The Oranje have thrice reached the final, losing to hosts West Germany in ’74, hosts Argentina in ’78 and Spain in 2010. The most famous of those defeats came against the Germans, because this was a tournament that had been turned into a pageant for the Dutch vision of Total Football.

24 Candid Photos Of Soccer's Most Famous Families

There’s always something fantastic about the last day of the season, when, having successfully avoided relegation or perhaps even won something, footballers are joined on the pitch by their families in the brilliant spring sunshine. Social media has given us a glimpse into the lives of professional athletes, but there’s something poignantly visceral about these pitchside moments. 

Perhaps it has to do with the famous Bobby Robson quote about what exactly a club is supposed to represent: 

Why I Really Want To Go To The Leyton Orient Match Next Week And What Other Clubs Could Learn From Them

Let’s just get this out of the way. I like donuts. Also doughnuts. Even donut holes. So when I heard about the Leyton Orient donut, I immediately became a fan.

There are many reasons to attend a football match: the camaraderie of the fans, feeling the roar of the crowd, the thrill of seeing top athletes in person and, of course, watching your team lose. But to me one of the key draws is having an excuse to eat food that’s really bad for you.