Feel Good

Huddersfield Defender Puts His Body On The Line To Defeat Manchester United

A rainy day in West Yorkshire turned to magic today as Huddersfield Town did the unexpected. After fending off Manchester United for the first 92 minutes, Huddersfield played five minutes of stoppage time like men possessed. The defense in particular showed frantic inspiration, fending off a series of attempts that seemed certain to materialize in a goal, but never did. In the end, Huddersfield beat Manchester United for the first time in 65 years in what will be the match of the weekend.

Last-Minute Equalizer Keeps Syria Somehow Alive In World Cup Qualifying

Syria needed a win or a tie Tuesday against Iran to keep its World Cup hopes alive. Down 2-1 going into stoppage time, it looked like the dream was dead.

And then it wasn't.

Mario Götze Saves The Day For Two Young Fans Afraid Friends Would Laugh At Their Jerseys

Last Christmas, two young sisters and Borussia Dortmund fans received jerseys with the names of Ousmane Dembélé and Emre Mor on the back. A solid present if there ever was one. However, much to the dismay of Olivia (8), Emily (11) and Dortmund supporters everywhere, both of these exciting players left the club this summer with Dembélé making a move to Barcelona and Mor finding a new home at Celta Vigo.