Napoli Players Make A Really, Really Weird Calendar

Looking for a gift to get your friends for the holidays? Well, Serie A giants Napoli may have just the thing for you. Every year Napoli releases a ridiculous calendar for fans in which the players dress up in costumes and pose for your monthly viewing pleasure.  

This year the players and coach Benitez are portrayed "in a mix of fashion, humor and sensuality.” Well… did they achieve their goal? 

Kevin Walker Is A Professional Footballer, A Pop Star, And The Most Eligible Bachelor On Earth

Meet Kevin Walker: professional footballer and pop music sensation.

We are going to go out on a limb here and say that after watching that video, most of find yourself falling into one of three main groups: 1) People who wish they were Kevin Walker, 2) People who now hate Kevin Walker, and 3) People who want to spend the rest of their waking days with Kevin Walker. 

What A Hit Son! The Best Soccer Commentaries Of All Time.

Martin Tyler, Gary Neville, Ian Darke, Andy Gray, Jon Champion, Ray Hudson. Those are just a few of the world's great soccer commentators. Sure, all of these names belong to English personalities, but there are talented commentators all around the world able to capture - and often enhance - great moments with their words. When tensions are running high and we’re on the edge of our seats, these men act as our tour guides through the ups and downs of a football match.

In This Video, David Moyes Repeatedly Bungles The Names Of His New Players

David Moyes is back. And he doesn’t know the name of his players at Real Sociedad. We don’t really blame him, as the former Manchester United manager has moved to a new country, in a new league, with a new language. So, it is understandable and maybe even acceptable that Moyes is struggling. 

But your own players' names? In the video below Moyes called Real Sociedad midfielder Esteban Granero, ‘Stefano’ repeatedly. Later on in the video, Moyes turns to the bench to double check the name of another player. It may be time for La Real to put names on the back of their jerseys.