Iker Casillas Has The Most Amazing Memory We Have Ever Seen

In sports, having a short memory is often seen as a desirable quality. Players are taught not to dwell on their past mistakes in order to stabilize their confidence and ability to perform. 

So we were surprised to hear that Iker Casillas can remember “98%” of the games he participated in. That means he can remember who Real Madrid was playing, the date of the game, who scored, if he was scored on, and what he did wrong in those instances. He is able to recall all of these details as nonchalantly as he would a recall friend’s name. 

Neymar Sr Can Juggle Too

It’s all in the genes. Neymar Jr took an Instagram video of his father, Neymar Sr, playing keepy up while he is sitting down. 

For us not very talented soccer players, you know keeping a solid juggle going for a while is difficult. But have you tried it sitting down? Well, Neymar Sr has no problem at all managing that task. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. His son has scored 14 goals in 18 games this year for La Liga side Barcelona and scored 15 goals in 13 games for Brazil in 2014.