Told To Die For Roma, They Went Out And Tried To Murder Instead

Everyone’s got a soft spot in their heart for AS Roma, apart from Lazio supporters of course. The club represents the Eternal City, the Italian capital with a history spanning more than two and a half thousand years. Its standing as one of the birthplaces of Western civilization makes anyone’s three-day visit turn into conversational fodder for the rest of their lifetime.

He Made The Most Difficult Technique In Soccer Look Easier Than Tying Your Shoes

It’s the most difficult shooting technique in the game, the side volley. With the ball flashing across your body, you’ve got to combine balance, technique and precision in equal measure.

I used to have a youth soccer coach who’d launch cross-field passes at us and tell us to attack the ball after letting it drift across our body. We’d all be tripping and slicing attempts while he screamed “aim small, miss small!” It was traumatizing.

Tecatito And Miguel Layun Scored To Help Porto Into The Champions League

Porto are in through the qualifying rounds to the Champions League group stage after defeating Roma (who by the end were playing with nine) 3-0, with the second and third goals being scored by Miguel Layun and Tecatito Corona, respectively.

First, Layun made Wojciech Szczesny look like a sillyhead and rounded the Roma keeper for an easy finish. 

It’s An Absolute Privilege Watching Lionel Messi’s Top 10 Hits From Outside The Box

In July of 2014, FiveThirtyEight published an article entitled “Lionel Messi Is Impossible” which attempted to evaluate Messi’s goal-scoring abilities through the use of statistics and data.

One of the most ridiculous findings from all the number crunching was how much better Messi was than everybody else at shooting from distance. In fact, Messi’s efficiency from outside the box was almost as good as most other players inside of it.

Without Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo Believes His Year Would’ve Been Lost

As recently as January 2016, Real Madrid were a club in crises. Having been defeated 4-0 by Barcelona in late November, kicked out of the Copa del Rey in the round of 32 after fielding an ineligible player and dropping points to both Villarreal and Valencia in the space of a few weeks, manager Rafa Benitez was given his marching orders on January 3rd.

Diego Costa's Day's Work Includes Beating People Up And Scoring Game-Winners

The alarm clock sounds — it’s your favorite tune, “Macarena” by Los del Rio. You get dressed and admire your floppy hair and manicured beard. As you drive to the stadium, the anger in your belly slowly grows stronger. 

You take to the pitch and wait for the whistle, just about ready to unleash your rage. Your opponents become victims to your endless tackles, kicks, grabs and taunts.